Step into the Middle with Love

Remember … those who follow your loving lead depend on the rhythmic frequency of your unique Desire & Intent. Your brand of leadership love resonates in the service of voice freed and intuitively applied. We need your leading love to be directed at us and filtered through an authentic self-love.

Holding the intensity of self-love funds the transformation into your brand of love for us.

Wading to the Middle
My wade to the middle of the stream is not about the exclusion of either bank. Quite the opposite. My stance in the middle is about wading in the confluence of the best from both sides.

Throughout our individual journeys we experience a bit from each bank of the stream of living. Some of this we experience privately and some openly. Many things we accept because of the expectations of others, and some things we approach by choice; these are few and usually on the bank not so normal or comfortable to us.

Once you’ve stood on that other side, you find further confidence in moving to your stance in the middle of the flow. It is such experimentation and navigation that helps wash the fog from the lens that is our core, true self.

Wading in Love
While love is universal, it is not universally defined; meaning, we are each a part of the definition and execution from the stance established by our own brand of love. It is a love uniquely our own but not owned by us. This leading love was given to each of us in the beginning.

It seems the wade to the middle is the process designed for individual discovery and release of our individually branded love.

You, The Stream, and Focus

For me, navigating the stream in high and cloudy water conditions registers high on my foolish scale. I don’t ignore the stream during these times. I know it is there and I patiently wait for the clarity that reunites me with its presence. I love the stream in all conditions. −The Stream and Clarity, Focus Chapter, page 184

The writing of the manuscript for Wading the Stream of Awareness was not the beginning of my radical journey inward, but it was an extended experience that forever changed my inward journey, and ostensibly any outward excursion.

Standing by the stream, intellectually I know it will clear by designed process. But I sometimes grow weary waiting for the next providential wonder. Too often in this information rich world we are pulled into the impoverished spotlight of what we do not yet have. This negative removal from presence is a tragic cause of much despair.

Back by the side of the stream, with cloudiness still in flow, I once again feel the certainty drawn through the capacity of hope. I don’t know about you, but in the black-hole pull that seems to always accompany a fearful visit to the future, it is impossible to truly focus in the now. You are conceivably no longer even here; at least not for any good thing in the present.

Remember, what you desire for your impact in this world demands your present attention and focused intention. The stream will clear and flow once again for a clear wade.

You, The Stream, and A New Confidence

Confidence of experience allows me to wade the stream when clear. Respect, and just plain common sense, keeps me out of it when the bottom disappears. Love of the stream sustains me while I wait for it to clear. -The Stream as Treacherous, A New Confidence Chapter, page 83

Acknowledge the difference between tenacity and offensive stubbornness. The offense is against your purpose. Even though you may feel justified in an obstinate posture, this is usually driven from the negative. This strikes heavy of the old confidence.

The new confidence moves you from the positive, from your strength of purpose; and the strike−now a blow for impact−is lovingly guided by Desire & Intent. And yes, sometimes desire and intent become cloudy in the flow of life.

Stepping out of the stream when the bottom cannot be seen is not about fear; fear may be present and is connected to respect for our protection. However, the level of respect to which I refer is more about how we adore the stream and attend to our own, unique experience with the stream.

Clear or cloudy, the stream requests our presence; whether wading or waiting streamside. The stream encourages our attendance−the way we care for our self and the manner in which we apply our individual self.

The stream is patient−continuing purposefully in flow−as you move from the need to control in the old confidence to the conscious freedom of the new confidence.

Desire and Content

I love fly fishing, and I love wading the clear mountain stream. Sometimes the wade is slow and deliberate as I seek a sporting connection with a wary trout. Other times it is like hiking in water as I move along enjoying scene after scene as viewed through the heart lens of a photographer.

Regardless of the approach, I am always halted by the varying pools in the character of the stream. Knowing exactly what may be in each pool is not important. For me, it is more about being present with the pool and allowing it to show me what it will.

In my own journey, as I learned to attach intent to desire, structure began to form and build my skill for searching each pool for content. Finding content is not always about taking it. More times than not, it is simply about reading what I see in that pool, and then trusting it to settle where it wishes.

Here is what I have found: The meaning of any content, and the providential timing of its expression, is realized by me because of conscious commitment to my gift of desire.