The Word

Saying it, the word
often we may not
but unfolding, the essence
often we must.

Something to be feigned, it is not
fingers placed quickly to lips
demanding never again to lie.

For another can patiently be
observing, as time together goes
trusting, the essence to manifest
accepting the word when spoken.

The word itself
used precisely, or not
just the same, felt
by giver
by receiver
when from truth it flows.

To make one’s mark
to leave an impression
to know you’ve made
an impact
this is the stuff
of treasure, true gold
found in the self
the self you are
founded on the reality
of who you are.

The word
yes, the essence
originates in, with
and from, this reality.

–J. Brunson

"Essence" by Anna Sabino

“Essence” by Anna Sabino

Trust the Mystery

The mystery of impact,
a paradox hard to hold,
being who I am
doing what I do,
to what end?

The answer held truly
by the one, herself
by the one, himself
read aloud in their own lives.

In the theater of my life,
I stand somewhere between
the second and final acts,
scenes replaying and lovingly teaching.

Youth now walks behind me,
but deserted me it has not.
Its diligence dutiful and due,
its design served adequately.

From the words of life & living,
a manuscript evolving,
my impact unfolding in the chapters,
written by others
finally by me being read.

And read I do
often and openly.
no longer hiding,
impact embracing,
the mystery holding,
the mystery holding me.

– J. Brunson

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Earning the Return

Oft revealed, a return
to where you began.

Through years unfolding
a trail hacked
hard work a blade.

Beneath each step
a path unfolding.

Tested, fired, purified
confirmed and worn.

Emerging into a clearing
intensity of flow you feel
from the course, schooled to hear
generously opened by what you see.

In this moment, now
you discover yourself.

On one side, steady
on the other, ruffled
and thus, equipped.

From instructor
through instruction
in the now you release
the poetry of presence.

From teaching you came
to learning you return.


Accompanying Post: Voice of the Other

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Presence – Hear the Flow

At times I walk the trail
beside the Stream.
At times I’m off the path
down in the flow.
Still other times I’m on the wooded side
unseen, and not seeing.

I’ve come to know my steps
as both unique and shared.
Such consciousness holds me
in the place where now I am.

Now is good
it must be
it has to be
it’s all we have.

Joy in the unexpected is ours
but only if we are to such unfolding

Presence is a flow

When by this Stream
on the trail beside, walking
in the trees unseen,
I hear the flow.

—J. Brunson


Listen Deeply – Desire & Intent

Consciousness and awareness employed deliver blessings from the most unexpected moments.

It may have been one of the sweetest things I have ever seen; the look in this little boy’s clear eyes.

We were on a Saturday afternoon walk when our neighbor was driving in and stopped to speak, her precious daughter and son in their safety seats in the back. We spoke to the children and the adults talked a bit. That is when Phillip spoke something to us, eyes fixed somewhere in eternity: “I miss my Grandma.”

Upon realizing the words, and seeing those eyes, our own gaze shifted to Phillip’s mom who told us of her mother-in-law’s unexpected passing.

What connection there is in this child’s life. As I am still connected to my own Grandmother after all these years, so will he be. Phillip’s Grandma is part of who he is as she lived a form of listening that flows in his very soul; and will be spoken to the world for years to come in his own profound desire.

Honor the reality of your desire; Listen!

In this deep, Grandma inspired listening, you allow the vision of intent to cooperate with desire and form a congruent method of release into this 21st Century age of consciousness and awareness.

It will not be Desire & Intent that gives Phillip purpose. It will be encoded purpose leading him in the evolution of his Desire & Intent.

Thanks to his Grandma his own Desire & Intent will unfold into his Living Methodology.

Listen Deeply – Impact

Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent. −Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak

It seems her life was being held in measure to a book of values written by the life of her mother−at least the perception of her mother’s life to which she held tight. So tight in fact that it created an irreconcilable tension between perceived standard and authentic reality.

You know those times when a voice speaks something that makes you say, “Ouch!” And then you slide into deeper shock upon realizing it was your voice! Such was the case with the question I posed during one particular session with Susan.

Susan had been telling me in great detail about her mother. As I listened I remember thinking how unbalanced such admiration felt. That’s when I heard it: “Do you think there might be a need to separate your admiration for your mother from your need to be like her?” When I realized that the voice was my own, my eyes quickly scanned for sharp instruments on the table where we had just dined. Fortunately Susan did not try to hurt me. But if looks could kill …

After our mutual shock subsided we talked freely about the intent of the question. Susan began to see the unnecessary standard she had placed on herself; holding back the flow of the authentic Susan. It was particularly powerful when she was able to embrace another question: Wouldn’t it break your mother’s heart if she thought she was part of anything holding her daughter back?

It thrills me to know Susan opened that day to listen deeply and stepped through a portal to authentic reality and unique impact.

A Flow to Simplicity through Service

2012 was for me a year of transformation, an immersion in deep and comforting reality.

Allow me to expound a bit on See the Unfolding.

As is obvious through frequent reference, the writings of Richard Rohr continue to be in the flow of my evolution. In conscious diligence with his writing−and flowing encouragement−I discovered a beautiful methodology serving my own Confidence Cycle (and business model) of Gather to Give to Grow.

Think of your service in this world as I share this methodology with you. Like my confidence cycle, this methodology is expressed in the rhetorical power of 3:

  1. Forgive Everything
  2. Everything Belongs
  3. See the Unfolding

In Forgive Everything I repair the basket so what I Gather isn’t lost along the path. In Everything Belongs I embrace what the basket holds: no need to label, as labeling would impede Giving from the bounty in the basket. And only now can I See the Unfolding as I Grow and travel along with those who receive from the basket.

As the flow for me has simplified, I continue to better understand and embrace my service in the world. This service is simplified by this beautiful methodology and freed to flow in the network of relationships−the true space of service.