An Environment of Focus

This is being written as I continue to process what I perceive as the end of a long run of work with an organization. I am reminded how easy it is to blame. The most appropriate response for me may be to say, “It is what it is.” However, I realize in writing I can bring closure to the processing and move forward.

In one of the 7 Habits, Stephen Covey asks us to “Seek first to understand … .” Understanding opens the mind. I need an open mind just now as I make some important decisions about my work. Understanding releases one from the prison of a closed mind; thinking that is unable to focus.

From the beginning of the last two projects in the aforementioned organization, it is clear there was a lack of focus both individually and collectively (of course, this is very clear in retrospect). Throughout the organization, busyness distracted everyone from the presence of success. Confidence for each person was shaken and trust eroded rapidly as one reactive change fell against the next.

For now, and in the energy of moving forward, I must consider lessons learned. A New Confidence opens you fully; opens you to the clarity of focus which sustains collective action through the downturn that is a natural shape in the cycle – the flow. And, I renew my commitment to the individual as I ask my question of impact: What does it look like to create an environment promoting the personal accountability of each individual?