True Self, True Generosity

A Stone Grounding
a truing process

A Substantial Self
not made
only discovered
and embraced

A Stone Grounding
crushing diversion
sharpening awareness

A Stream Rushing
a consuming flow

A True Self
made real
from the start
now freed

A Stream Rushing
eroding duality
impelling wholeness

A World
desperate for generosity
receives it
only from Trueness
yours and mine

−J. Brunson


A Voice of Your Own

Darkness assumed
anything in depth; lightless, afraid
with soul though, brighter it grows.
For descending into soul
is to ascend into glory.

What was that sound?
From what source
was such clarity?

A soul speaks,
soul deep.
Listen deep.
Soul has voice.
That voice is yours.

Attention proffered.
Free to see.
Love directs.

A need visible,
like never before
clearly you see.

You saw clearly.
You were present.
You chose to act.

Did you choose Trueness?
Did Trueness choose you?
In the flow, choice and chosen
are one and same.

−J. Brunson

Desire & Intent – The Singularity of Trueness


Driven down into desire,
at first lightless, intimidating,
distorted self is confronted by true self.

How did I get here?
Who is this?

Drawn out toward intent,
holding fast, releasing slow,
trueness advances through the contradiction.

I see substantiality.
I feel authenticity.

Delivered into the present,
in and through a presence,
joy amazing from depth suppressed.

I know purpose.
I sense impact.


Clearly, solidly, finally;
It’s me.

−J. Brunson