Flowing Intent

The frequency of your unique desire assists the flow of your intent.

There is a certain saying about a particular road that is paved with good intentions. While that saying is harsh and void of grace, there is a partial truth within: Our intent is meaningless if it does not translate into behavior. In some cases – over time – a good behavior can nullify intent if the behavior does not achieve a result.

This is how we build trust: First we trust ourself to keep the commitments made from the desire in our core; we then allow intent to flow through behavior to a consistent and sustainable impact (the result of one’s commitments externally).

This dependable flow yields the freedom that is indispensible to our desire. In this flow, desire is set free in a productive present where intent is translated into impact.

Anticipated Impact

There is no impact without action; and there is only value in actions formed in authentic anticipation.

Impact is the living measure – a story unfolding – of the sustainable reach of your leadership. What you do, commitment by successive commitment, writes the story of your reach in this world. Your reach is sustained through a focus fueled by your authenticity.

In light of desire and intent, anticipation becomes a methodology that is unique to you. With the tool of uniqueness in hand, you begin to form a plan; a preparation for impact.

Dave is learning to consciously do this. For years he has operated diligently in executing the plans of others. It is now time that he does this with his core values out front while leading others into the collective story; a story of excitement driven from his own vision.

The very impact Dave desires is the very impact he has been delivering for all those years. He is now simply more conscious of who he has become. His actions will now be re-formed in authentic anticipation; commitment by successive commitment.

Sustainable Expression of Self

“Our work – what we really do – and the impact of our work is evidence of who we are. What we really do is a holographic signature. Work takes on an artistic flow when mindfully allowed to become a sustainable expression of self.” -Awareness – The Portal of Impact; Chapter One: Impact

Garrett’s development focus for the year was simply, “Being consistently aware of what I desire to do.” Committed to this focus, Garrett began to take his networking strategies to a new level. He began to have one-on-one meetings with influential nodes in his leadership network. He entered each conversation prepared to seek validation for his unfolding intention and input for the approach of expression.

We each need to know that we’ve got what it takes. It is important to hear validating input and know others appreciate the unique signature of our work; and the assurance of this impact is confidence focused on what we really do. Success is no longer owned only by outcomes and arrivals. The flow of our work is sustained by the joy found in choosing in light of what we really do; who we really are at our best.

Commitment to such an expression of self is paying off for Garrett. A VP who depends on Garrett recently said to him, “As a leader, hands-down, you’ve got it.”

Garrett is learning to trust in the buoyancy of the being that God made him to be.