The Building of Confidence – Tammy’s Story

One third of the way into my career, the garbage collector (one of whom I wanted to be at five years old; because my mother took them popsicles) became a waste management professional, the janitor became a maintenance engineer, and the personnel department became human resources.

If dignity and respect are increased for the individual in such shifts, I am all for it. In most cases like these, the work performed did not change much with the change of title. In most cases this is fine. In the case of human resources, not so much. There is still work associated with policy, procedure, and law. However, with this shift, it was intended to rebrand toward a balance to include the resources of our humanness. In the latter two-thirds of my career, I have seen too many human resource professionals behaving like 20th Century personnel employees. Then there are unique exceptions; like Tammy.

Tammy is a process visionary; balancing purpose with the desire of others. She leads each person to engage in a manner that brings value to the whole while consistently validating the individual. Guided by purpose, she becomes focused in leading others to understand the challenge, interactively learn, and create purposeful, present action.

In addition to being a focused professional of resourcing humanness, Tammy is a wife, mother, and teacher. She is always teaching, even beyond her adjunct position at a private college. When Tammy and I were working on her personal purpose/brand, we pulled in a peer and an employee to assist. Tammy found it hard to focus on herself so intensely for this exercise. Marcie told me that Tammy kept them all connected to reality. Melanie said that Tammy created the magic of alignment. What an honor and a privilege to be connected to others in such a powerful manner.

Does Tammy know how blessed she is? Probably so. Does she know the beautiful impact she has on others? Probably not. The thing she does know however is precisely (she is precise) how to focus on what is important. I was taken to a deep place in myself when she said, “I focus on the big things at work and the small things at home.”

It was no surprise that her personal purpose/brand became; “I Teach Others to be Presently Strategic” … the big things at work. But what grabbed my heart was when she painted the picture of the small things at home. She said, “If I’m washing dishes and my daughter is talking to me, I stop what I’m doing and look at her.”

If you are a VP/Director of Human Resources, find yourself a Tammy!

Tammy O’Hare is a focused leader of human potential.


Relaxed Focus

The constant change, and consequent demand for action, of the 21st Century can be described by many terms; the likes of which would not include “relaxed.”

As Mark and I brought to an end the process of documenting his Personal/Professional Development Story. I was swept up in the question I had to ask. Mark is a trained, experienced engineer now leading a large group of the same. In light of the goals and actions we had formulated in the process, I asked how often he took time to disappear and think strategically. From the look on his face, I struck the nerve I was seeking.

More than ever we need our leaders to invest energy in this private time. It is less about strategic ‘planning’ and more about strategic ‘preparation.’ Planning is linked to action (how). Preparation is linked to focus (what and why). Preparation is understanding; and understanding releases tension in subsequent action.

The purpose found and spoken in Mark’s intentional strategic time will open doors that busyness will never be able to do. The excellence¬†Mark values so innately is a natural result of the focused.

Relaxed focus is a state of being grounded in the what and why and flowing through the how.

NetworkingWe need you to be focused!