Your Reach (A New Security)

The challenges in our economy, along with the natural evolution of the 21st Century, are both threatening and exciting. In my work I know many individuals whose livelihood is unsure and many for whom the hammer has fallen. The leaders with whom I normally work have been hard at his/her respective careers for many years. The fact that these good people have been at their craft so long intensifies individual fear.

Let’s consider Michael. He has been at his work for more than twenty years. Michael is a good man, he loves what he does, he is good at what he does, and those he leads, influences, and serves love him. His organization, like so many others, is in turmoil as it struggles to simultaneously survive and reinvent itself. Even with a solid track record, Michael feels no sense of security as he watches the shoe drop for one after another who is just like him.

Consequently, Michael is turning his attention toward potential opportunity outside the walls of his current organization. This is yet another source of consternation as he finds himself struggling with letting go. While he must let go of the false security of his current organization – regardless if he remains or goes – he does not have to let go of his experience.

Like many others, Michael initially saw another opportunity – forced or voluntary – as starting over. This is absolutely not the case. No one, for any reason, can take away his experience in the work or the experiences that are in his heart. The experience and experiences have worked together with his spirit to make him who he is today.

Michael is now ready to fully live his purpose. All that has occurred to this point has been preparation. Even with all the responsibilities of a husband and father, Michael is now free to extend his reach as intended. Loyalty, security, and trust have all spilled over into his network. It is there where he will find the next opportunity; and the ones that follow.

This is A New Security. This is where Michael – and the rest of us – will extend the power of our reach in making the world a better place for all.

I am privileged to know Michael.