Encouragement for A New Confidence (Life in a Perpetual Dialogue)

A New Confidence is not just about your confidence. It is also about leading others to their own authentic confidence; and dialogue is a wonderful space for this loving act to unfold.

Story is a narrative dialogue−flowing one to another.

True dialogue is continual in its course when we are:
1) Respective
2) Responsive
3) Receptive.

We are respective when equal in conversation. We are responsive as we trust the flow (everything belongs). We are receptive, and consequently delivered, to a new level not achieved alone.

We expect answers, but we often avoid questions:

Multipliers don’t just give answers. They provide just enough information to provoke thinking and to help people discover and see the opportunity for themselves. They begin a process of discovery. −Liz Wiseman, Multipliers

As with my mountain stream, the flow begins somewhere; at the highest level. This perpetuity is only because of the first drips in the high rocks−it begins in your stand in the middle, where you find equality and return it to others.

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