Our Inner Territory – A Path for Love

Leading us to build a story together is a leader’s love applied.

The story of your reach as a leader cannot be told out in the world until your story has footing in the inner territory.

My guess is that when people (in general) hear the word “love” they first think of romantic love−an outward expression. Love is so much more. Love is not captured by such narrow definition.

While Cherice may be relatively new in the field of management, she is not new to leadership. Does love guide her on the leadership path? I firmly believe this is so. As I’ve come to know her in our coaching relationship, I’ve learned how committed Cherice is to each individual. Her commitment is founded on a strong base of pure and simple respect.

In some recent development work, the goal Cherice set is indicative of the leader she is: Continue to build on the power of trust & provide an environment where each individual is safe to be open, honest, and contribute from their best.

Her path for love as a leader is forged as she builds successful relationships through the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Cherice’s desire and intent as a leader intersect into her impact as she actively leverages the learning she has had in diverse opportunities. She consciously does this as a way to both challenge and lead each individual to assume charge of their own learning.

It is her conscientious trek through her own inner territory that confirms and makes real her intentional impact in the outer accountability Cherice takes so seriously.

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A Flow to Simplicity through Reach

What do you need to further your reach as a leader?

In the intro entry to A Soul Dance I wrote about George and his voice/value of Clarity. In our session after that writing, George found his personal purpose statement: “I Guide Others to Put Their What before Their How.”

Simple isn’t it?

Remember, simplicity is a specifically spoken purpose. From deep inward, encoded purpose begins your reach outward.

Our garage is under our kitchen. To bring in the groceries, or unload anything, there are stairs to negotiate. I’m sometimes out-negotiated as I try to tote too much upward (by-the-way, tote is a good Southern term for carry). I am certain you can identify with this “biting off more than you can chew.”

What do you need to further your reach as a leader?DSCN0787

Could it be the answer begins with trusting encoded purpose? Purpose is the wholesome bite that can, and will, serve you in each situation.

The reach of your unique Desire & Intent is rooted in simple, guiding purpose; bringing us into your wonderful story … impacted by your brand of love as a leader.

The Flow of Your Love

Running counter to what many have learned in the workplace, it is okay to love what you do and in what you do, love.

Internal desire is purpose. External desire is an intended impact; what you intend for this purpose in the world. Desire flows toward desire. When purpose connects with action, focus and courage meet in the present. The balance created by the encounter with focus and courage illuminates a narrative meaning ever-present as your actions consistently become the living expression of your story.

Flow describes the result of being courageously focused in the present as you open to the unfolding that is part of living and giving in this world. To apply love in work you love, you must do the work. You must fight the resistance – every form of distraction that is an assault on your brand of love; your work.

Intent flows to commitment. Listen to true intent as it clears a path for your purpose and tells you great things about who you are at your core. In the clarity of your Desire & Intent, you stand confidently and extend your reach in the world.

In effect, if we can see the path ahead laid out for us, there is a good chance it is not our path; it is probably someone else’s we have substituted for our own. Our own path must be deciphered every step of the way … Soul loves the journey itself.” −David Whyte in The Heart Aroused

Your Reach (A New Security)

The challenges in our economy, along with the natural evolution of the 21st Century, are both threatening and exciting. In my work I know many individuals whose livelihood is unsure and many for whom the hammer has fallen. The leaders with whom I normally work have been hard at his/her respective careers for many years. The fact that these good people have been at their craft so long intensifies individual fear.

Let’s consider Michael. He has been at his work for more than twenty years. Michael is a good man, he loves what he does, he is good at what he does, and those he leads, influences, and serves love him. His organization, like so many others, is in turmoil as it struggles to simultaneously survive and reinvent itself. Even with a solid track record, Michael feels no sense of security as he watches the shoe drop for one after another who is just like him.

Consequently, Michael is turning his attention toward potential opportunity outside the walls of his current organization. This is yet another source of consternation as he finds himself struggling with letting go. While he must let go of the false security of his current organization – regardless if he remains or goes – he does not have to let go of his experience.

Like many others, Michael initially saw another opportunity – forced or voluntary – as starting over. This is absolutely not the case. No one, for any reason, can take away his experience in the work or the experiences that are in his heart. The experience and experiences have worked together with his spirit to make him who he is today.

Michael is now ready to fully live his purpose. All that has occurred to this point has been preparation. Even with all the responsibilities of a husband and father, Michael is now free to extend his reach as intended. Loyalty, security, and trust have all spilled over into his network. It is there where he will find the next opportunity; and the ones that follow.

This is A New Security. This is where Michael – and the rest of us – will extend the power of our reach in making the world a better place for all.

I am privileged to know Michael.

A Desire for Impact

Impact in the 21st Century is less about outcomes and results and more about the unfolding story of your reach. Your unique brand of impact – or the impact of your brand – is the sustainable influence of your leadership. As influence grows, reach expands; it is the conscious expansion of reach that deepens one’s impact.

It seems I may finally be at a place on my journey where I finally believe what I hear from others about my work. It is certainly not a matter of distrust on my part as I believe those who express themselves are being thoroughly truthful. The problem has been with me as I attempted to be modest and simply ended up not listening; not hearing the gift in the message. It is like the person who receives a sincere compliment from a friend, and immediately begins to denigrate the intent as they explain why the compliment is in some way simply not true. This is disrespectful of both gift and giver.

Therefore, I send out sincere apologies and extreme gratitude to all who have blessed me with their sincere and thoughtful words. You each have played an artful role in the rich content that has so masterfully merged with my desire. You have caused me to pay attention to my unique impact as you lovingly validate my desire, my intent, and my practice.


“From the depths of experience, the stream is a beloved storyteller. Wading in the stream’s presence I am restored in my own story.” -The Stream as Force; Chapter One: Impact

Impact is the living measure.

In the 21st Century, individual impact is the sustainable reach of your leadership; the story of your reach that balances the reality of who you are with how that reality is played-out with those you lead, influence, and serve.

At its best, our collective intelligence is a force in the 21st Century; a force that continues to shift expectations.

Impact is the living measure that now rewards the balanced thinking of an individual leader. This is about leveraging the creativity at one’s disposal based on who we are as individuals.