Peace Betwixt

One’s desire is this.
One’s intent is that.
And between the two
is Desire & Intent
two becoming one.

Masterfully you allow
the overlap of this and that.
So doing, you make peace.
To experience fully, natural.
To love deeply, intentional.

Peacefully, a teacher born.
Purposefully, a teacher lives.

Alive in the space of overlap
teaching us to feel
teaching us to hear
teaching us to see
our almond of peace
in the overlap
of our this, our that.

Lovingly, rhythmically, our hand you take
pulling us into the tension,
into the reality of paradox
feeling, hearing, seeing with us
the impact of peace between.


Accompanying Post: Voice of the Leader Within

Ohio Beauty – by Anna Sabino

Deliberate Presence

Maintaining the right to be present is indeed a running battle. My journaling recently reflected this fight in the pool of my experience.

My first words that day were, “Let go.” I was working on an agreement for some new work when I became aware of a thought habit from a more youthful season: “I’ll be at peace when …” At that moment I felt the power of my first words. Letting go will never happen if I am always delaying presence with when.

To be deliberately present is to keep an important commitment; to turn off the world and listen to the one thing being given in the moment. I have found I listen in the moment more effectively as I am presently committed to my purpose – a voice-infused presence releasing me from the fearful outcome that yanked me into the future.

I was dragged from presence only because I was holding tight to that filament into the unknown.

“Let go.”

Peace and Presence

Think about a break you took from the busyness engulfing you – a break that truly restored and renewed your energy. If you really think it through, it became restorative and renewing, not just because you took a break, but because in the break – the stopping – you were present.

I fly fish – wade the stream – because the stream draws me into its presence. The presence of the stream restores and renews my soul. Peace is an outcome value in my core.

For me, it is not about stepping out of life to find peace. Rather, I step into the stream of life with a commitment to presence – allowing the stream to teach me about being at peace in the full spectrum of life.