Encouragement for Your Desire & Intent (A Place to Stand)

What gives your intent uniqueness in a larger purpose is, for you, the essence of desire. This is what my friend Judy might call significance. At her core−of all that is important to her−is the desire to give her energy in enterprises where she both adds value and knows that same value is respected.

A narrow focus, guided by desire, broadens your impact. A place to stand−a focused individual has a method. Albeit often unconscious, she has worked hard to develop, through trial and error, her unique methodology.

But finally you will have both your lever and your place to stand−and from there, you can move your bit of the world, because you are being moved yourself inside a much larger Flow. −Richard Rohr, A Lever and a Place to Stand (2011)

Step through the narrow opening that is your expertise−your place to stand−and find the bounty of broad impact.

Step into the Flow:
1) The Flow demands commitment.
2) The Flow distributes providence.
3) The Flow deposits bounty.

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