Acting in Uncertainty

No focus equates to no commitment. Commitment triggers the movement of providence in the direction of meaning for the individual.

To be certain in a time of uncertainty does not mean one knows precisely what to do in any given moment. However, to be certain in a time of uncertainty does mean at least two things for the confident individual. First, it means this person is able to unpack the feelings associated with uncertainty back to the order of simple facts. Secondly, this person believes he can discover and practice a sure way to act on the facts. Acting in the direction of meaning is to carry on in the light of one’s purpose, and one’s purpose is the resonance for one’s message.

Focus on the message that flows only through you; with your added uniqueness of meaning. Where others may have a similar message, your delivery flows through the uniqueness of your story. Focus here.


Unashamed Authenticity

Yes, it all begins with commitment.

Regardless of the generation to which one belongs, it is my belief that the majority of us desire to make a difference with our life’s work. Desire is your authentic expression of the vision you hold for those you lead, influence, and serve. Your Desire & Intent is formed as desire meets the conviction of your intent; and its power is released only through commitment.

The power advances from, and because of, your authentic core. The stoutness of your core is the unashamed acknowledgement of who you are. Your unique gift to the world is offered in the power of your authenticity. Your gift is your message.

The verbiage you need for this message is there inside you. Your desire is good. It was placed there a long time ago for a reason. Your desire holds the language you need in order to speak your message.

Speak it unashamedly.