The Power of Experience

Part of living in A New Security is practicing a deep respect for the power of experience. It is one experience folding in on the other that authors the unfolding story that is our individual, unique life.

Marlo Morgan, in her book Mutuant Message Down Under, tells the story of her walkabout with the Real People (a metaphorical name to protect this tribe). Thanks to a friend, my reading of this story was providentially timed. Most impressive for me was the message the Real People offered about the power of experience.

No matter what occurs to a Real People member, that individual walks away treasuring the honor of the experience. While there are often tangible outcomes to an event, task, or process, all we really have to keep is what the experience has helped us see, learn, and know.

For maximum, authentic impact, we must allow any visualization, learning, and knowledge from experience to form itself into a positive message about self; and not negatively against another. Allow the tangible outcomes to return to the thesaurus of a larger story and treasure the esteem of the experience.