Present Purpose

In her presence, simply no one questions her purpose. She is Kathryn Tucker Windham – Storyteller, Selma, AL … and she tells stories; beautiful, rich, true stories. Her stories vividly illustrate the balance she learned from her father and that is experienced in her presence:

In the spin of that cycle, it is clear that the end is also the beginning spark; Love. Kathryn learned to listen because she accepted the gift of love. As she opened to learning, she applied the knowledge gleaned in support of loving more deeply. Kathryn learned to laugh ‘with’ … and in her presence there is plenty of restoring humor.

How one interpret’s Kathryn’s purpose is as unique as that person. Her purpose is experienced in the moment as she tells us stories.

Purpose is alive and active only in the present. Know this: Your Desire & Intent as a leader is good and is where you find the roots of your authenticity. As you live your purpose with presence, your authenticity grows and is fruitful in the world.

This is both the end and beginning of your love as a leader. And if you have an issue with love in leadership, I challenge you; try it on. Be present with it. Then judge for yourself.