Narrative Soul

A voice focused,
the exclusive portal
for inclusive impact.

To fool you, not the intention;
for your own experience, is tangible
and compassionate learning.

To know process
from deep within,
in the source of you,
this is integrity.

Original assumptions,
to forgive, necessary
to free love.

Now found, process needed,
vibrantly living
in a soul’s narrative.

Stories I tell, directed
at your Trueness,
focused for your integrity.

Integrity, what an avocation,
a calling to hold truth
completeness in letting go,
and fullness in the flow.

–J. Brunson

Free to Transition

In his book, The Anxious Organization, Jeffrey Miller warns us about the futility of attempting to change someone else’s behavior in order to relieve our own anxiety. It does not work. When young in the management roles, this is precisely what I did; and I thought I was right.

Thinking back, I may have even believed it was my obligation to change those whom I managed. Throughout those young years as a manager I received a lot of supervisory training. To be fair, I will claim no memory of how the material was presented and claim total accountability and responsibility for how I applied it. It was applied – way too consistently for comfortable memory – in a manner that I felt gave me more control over the behavior of others.

When the learning began I do not remember, but I found freedom in the realization that you manage things and you lead people. Letting go of the need to change others gave me safety in learning to change my own behavior. Entering the transition from managing people to leading people gave me the privilege of creating caring accountability in self first and then in others – accountability rooted in individual confidence.

This is the New Confidence.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

It’s like learning a new language.

We had been working together for several weeks when Deanna said this to me. She had been learning many valuable specifics about her true self and each week successively impressing me with her focused and intentional application with what she was learning. Deanna is acting with integrity.

Integrity is a word I often hear when working with someone to identify and define specific, core values. Integrity is maintained not in general action, but in action that is specific to who you are.

In the 21st Century, a focused and intentional application is the individual leader’s treasure. At the same time that Deanna is committed on this path of authenticity, the flooding force of distraction is more powerful than ever. Busyness joins with the shoulds of others and distracts you from the integrity of you.

While Deanna aspires to her envisioned level of impact in this world, my job is to continue to provide the encouragement that opens her eyes to her unique brand of impact that is building in each successive, authentic act.