You Are Someone

You are someone in whom
I delight

You are someone with whom
being, I enjoy

I like to be with you
and how you are with me
I like who I am with you

So hard it is to believe
any arrangement than this
such present delight would bring

Impossible it is to trust
the lack of such
brings anything less
than anxious obstruction

Thus thankful I am
and openly and silently
thankful we are
you are someone

You are that someone
someone who
confidently holds
together for us
what’s real
what’s possible

You are that someone
someone who
in the present
gives from your best
leads from our best

–J. Brunson



A New Confidence (to Hear and to Hold)

To listen is a gift,
both giver and receiver
reaping richness
in what is said and heard.

In listening, truly hearing,
curiosity consumes
and what is consumed
swells large
into one specific question,
when asked
clears the present
and floods the soul.

He spoke.
I heard.
I gave.

Oft said by self
not heard by self
is lost to the soul.

We reconvened.
I reminded.
He received.

Oft said by self
heard and held by another
is persuasive to the soul.

From tongue to ear to heart
listen, hear, and hold.
In the warmth of such connection
we will never grow cold.

−J. Brunson