A Flow to Simplicity through Purpose

Purpose is animated into flow only in the energy of presence.

Allow me to offer a caution: Purpose is not the result of a smartly crafted strategy; a set of brilliant hows and actions. All strategy is ultimately empty without the clarity of purpose. Subsequent strategy finds buoyancy in the flow because of individual resilient purpose.

Faith, as I am learning, is less about what I desire to be at some future point and much more about who I am now−and in the wonderful flow. If I am too busy looking elsewhere I will most certainly miss what is right before me.

In the light of present faith I had a startling realization. The desire I was claiming had been craftily mitered and matted in a future frame always hanging on a wall in a place yet my own. This is not real desire but ugly judgment in a friendly mask turning my own face from the power of purposeful presence.

While the story of living purposefully is ever-unfolding−and yes, contains complexity−it is a story with you since the beginning.

Purpose is not a product. Purpose is a gift.

And from this individualized, loving gift you find your call for giving in this world.

Each act of giving is then a simple act of purpose in the present, leaving us further enriched by your faithful presence.


Letting Go into Voice

It sometimes seems there are barriers to our voice at every turn. As we learn to trust the flow, the rocks become an exciting selling point for the journey. Trusting the flow as a clarifying process, we learn patience as we move along. As our path unfolds before us. −Wading the Stream of Awareness(Voice Chapter)

Our behavior is driven by what we believe we can or cannot do. In honoring voice you support beliefs that empower the real you. Giving to yourself the time to learn, grow, and develop is a selfless commitment; it is nourishing for those you lead, influence, and serve.

I suppose one could become obsessively focused on caring for the internal. Some might say that about me this year. With a stressful beginning to the year, I chose to go inside (bouncing off some of my own rocks). This focus internally was to purify and protect the flow of my calling, my voice. Voice does not just flow externally, it begins from an internal stream.

I had allowed external circumstances to dam the flow. The dam was of my own construction as I continually tried to hold on−to control.

To lead, influence, and serve as called, you must nurture your own voice. The resonance of voice is purified by selfless time−time for you. There is bounty in the flow of voice. In your voice you are called into the present.

As you become more aware of your unfolding story, you create the deep commitment to care for the internal.

Everything you need you have now.

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Free in the Story

Inside you begin as the seed of trust sprouts,
determined in the spirit with each step.

The gift of intuitive instinct guides focus,
each path individually unique.

You move along a purposeful path,
blessings of experience strengthen resolve.

Resonate voice scripts the scenes of life,
a courageous yes to what is true.

Enlightened in trust you have learned,
love flows through a serving purpose.

−J. Brunson

Leadership Poem 7 – From Keith’s Story and the experience of honoring uniqueness

Be Patient with You

Making an impact is about control. Having an impact is about giving. Control is put into play in one’s own behavior – behavior that leads to one having an impact. When it comes to behavior, it is important that we act as we do simply because it is the right thing to do.

On page 102 of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment, I found something that I must simply become better at doing. The following was a bullet in a section entitled Invoke Reciprocity:

Ask for Reciprocation. Don’t hesitate to ask for a favor in return when you need it and the person you’re asking can do it. This is a good practice because it relieves pressure on the recipient – you’re providing a way to repay a debt. This enables the recipient to accept more favors, and your relationship can deepen.

As a leader, there will always be much to learn and practice. As you practice the art of leadership, there is a component of focus that must be perfected – patience with self. It is impossible to be truly patient with another if you are not able to be patient with self. This is a level of self-giving that is critical in the flow to impact.

Unashamed Authenticity

Yes, it all begins with commitment.

Regardless of the generation to which one belongs, it is my belief that the majority of us desire to make a difference with our life’s work. Desire is your authentic expression of the vision you hold for those you lead, influence, and serve. Your Desire & Intent is formed as desire meets the conviction of your intent; and its power is released only through commitment.

The power advances from, and because of, your authentic core. The stoutness of your core is the unashamed acknowledgement of who you are. Your unique gift to the world is offered in the power of your authenticity. Your gift is your message.

The verbiage you need for this message is there inside you. Your desire is good. It was placed there a long time ago for a reason. Your desire holds the language you need in order to speak your message.

Speak it unashamedly.