Order and Balance

Part of the disorder of our passage into the 21st Century was a misplaced desire for balance. Mistakenly, most of one’s energy to achieving parity between the personal and professional was moored in the bay of the external – a surface attempt at quenching a desire of depth. For those trapped at this level of effort, an infection of entitlement became a barrier to the hope of ever finding true balance.

Prescriptively, the first order of movement toward real balance is an understanding of the flow of internal to external. Working for balance only at an external level builds a false confidence as we only become skilled at wading among the surface behaviors. This can be dangerous when one is suddenly in the depths.

The next order for personal balance is commitment; taking personal accountability for one’s own balance. Personal commitment yields a realization of the importance of harmony in manifesting true balance. Realistically, each day will not yield an intellectually understood balance; but when one’s attention is properly focused on the internal, one begins to feel balance that is the result of one’s own melody of order.