I Choose Love

Attempting to be smart
but smart doesn’t arrive.
Strategic absurdity sets in
action stalls and plans crush.

Calculated anticipation is admired
expectations rule, future pulls,
and no one is here to engage.

A friend has said
wise she was
Interest creates Energy.

Voice is the core of energy
an articulation of authenticity
the rhythm of presence.

Suddenly it seems
but more gradual is reality,
One stands firm with voice
and love stands solid and present.

A self given
to the self
of the other.

A self given
but first given
to itself.

Thus the path of Impact
in a needy world,
A world in need
of soulful participation.

−J. Brunson

Poem grounded from Skillfully Generous – Impact




Shadow Strengths – Chapter Seven (Love)

My Desire & Intent is that you lovingly lead others to their own authentic confidence as you embrace the power of who you are and act on this Trueness!

Is your voice flowing in your work? Are you doing work that frees your voice? or stifles it?

“Interest creates energy.” −Kathryn Tucker Windham

Shannon’s interest was stirring something; the shadow was being disturbed by rhythmic streaks of light. The intermittent beams were energy determined to form Shannon’s luminous presence in all she would do.

Twelve years after our first engagement as coach and coachee, and two companies later for her, Shannon and I connected again for her growth. When we first met, working at the same company, she was very experienced and serving in a legal role. She had a deep interest in the personal development work my team and I were doing at the time.

Voice, your unique resonance, is the clearest statement of your brand of love as a leader.

The strength in the shadow is Generosity. Generosity−giving fully in and through your work−flows freely because of your Voice. Voice consciousness opens your eyes to the interest to energy connection−work that is real to you. And if real to you, generosity flows into the light of who you are.

In such real work, those you lead, influence, and serve benefit from your brand of love. Voice consciousness shows you real work and how you do what you choose to do. Even if particular pieces of work are assigned to you, you are free to choose how you do it: Voice suppressed or Voice fully engaged.

Choosing resonance is itself freeing. The darkest corners of shadow say love makes us weak. The truth of the light is that it’s the lack of love that weakens us. As I’ve said for a long time, and will continue for a bit longer; “It’s okay to love your work, and in your work, love.”

Shannon fully honored her connection of interest to energy. Her voice resonates in her work; work that is real to her. Like you and me, Shannon’s voice sometimes falters. But once Generosity is brought out of the shadow, handed over to your Voice, and allowed conscious flow, no one and no thing can hold back the power of your Love.

In Trueness you are free to love us in the balance of your strengths applied. In work you know as real, there is no priority higher than that of your love.

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Transforming Trueness – Focus (We walk in the Art of Holding)

For your Trueness
holds your soul well
while you free voice
in the story you must tell.
−verse 6 of Transforming Trueness (Repose)

Oddly enough, I began composing this piece on trueness and focus at a moment when I was questioning my focus in this work I do. From the standpoint of Trueness, I had stumbled in my walk with the art of holding. It Happens.

The stagger in my step came as I found myself looking at a barrier instead of around it. Instead of seeing opportunity beyond, I gave attention to the barrier itself−consequently attaching me to an outcome that is not my desire, my intent, and certainly not in the middle where the two meet and lead me to hold a steady, flowing presence.

Years ago we lived in the deep south in a house that backed to a bird sanctuary. The region in which we lived was on the migration path of the ruby-throated hummingbird. This beautiful little creature was among the many we enjoyed watching right in that backyard. It was fun watching the hummingbirds play and compete for the ports on the feeders loaded with sweet water.

As they drank continuously−storing up energy for the long journey to Mexico−they would get a bit rambunctious with each other. One day while watching them I noticed one bird hovering near the ground and tipping down to look at something in the grass. A tiny head struggled to peer upward and acknowledge the airborne comrade.

It seems in the intoxicating, exuberant play there had been a collision. I opened the sliding glass door, stepped onto the grass, located the little bugger, and placed him in the palm of my hand. I carried him inside and, as it was very early, I stirred my wife from her sleep so we could attend to our little friend.

By the time I had retrieved the bird from the grass, he was pretty out of it. As I carefully held his limp body in an open palm, and as Becky searched for a straw to offer him some drops of energy, he began to buzz in short bursts. Within a few hums he was carefully in flight edging along the glass door and then through the opening to freedom I had left.

Maybe what I’m being asked to learn is, that to more steadily walk in the art of holding, I must allow myself to be held by my own Trueness.

So what exactly is this art of holding? In our own Trueness it is indeed the way we are held; gently, without judgment, and with an openness freeing us into a flowing presence.

Now here’s the best part of my encounter with the little bird. For the remainder of that season, and all of the next, whenever I would walk into the yard while the hummers were playfully feeding, they would all scatter−except for that one little friend. He would land on the limb above my head and sit with me until I returned indoors.

The art of holding is a way with freedom−being with something or someone long enough to understand while releasing promptly into the full and present flow of the larger story.

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Transforming Trueness – Presence (We become committed to here)

Surprising it may seem
and so surprising it is;
but deceitful it cannot be.
−verse 5 of Transforming Trueness (Repose)

My richest blessings are consistently held and carried by those who lovingly give of their presence.

My dear friend Dan walks with me and allows me to walk with him. Together we practice in the art of holding what is said and heard; sometimes for many weeks and months.

I began writing this piece on the morning that found us driving to the airport in the middle of the night to ensure Dan boarded the first flight ahead of a snowstorm bearing down on his home in Chicagoland. Dan had generously set aside time for his friend. We talked about plans, dreams, and desires for hours. We talked about our respective transitions and mutual transformation. We asked each other questions animating each to unreservedly attend to the answers.

“These passages into uncertainty or chaos give us unequaled opportunities to find our courage and strength. The world of duality disguises these events, making us feel that disaster is upon us, but these lessons are also blessings that insist that we stretch beyond our self-imposed limitations.”
−Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream (HarperOne, 1999)

If there is one thing for certain Dan wants for me, it’s for me to stretch beyond my self-imposed limitations. We recognized the transformative energy in the thread of deeply congruent actions. So we set aside special time to talk about right action.

As I spoke of some sort of block in my current transition, Dan asked, “In any block, what breaks you loose? My answer: When I see opportunity.

What a surprise, my own answer. Yes, surprising it seemed. So surprising it was. But in no way was this deceitful. Such deceit is impossible as this answer so clearly represents essential energy in my Trueness. I will push right through a barrier when I see the opportunity on the other side. What conscious freedom!

Moving forward, when feeling the cold, uncaring hand of a self-imposed limitation, I will employ whatever method necessary to see around the block and scout the terrain (inner and outer) for opportunity.

Opportunity seen−felt and discovered−excites me into action!

I live a privileged life. It is Grace. My privilege is fully composed in the weave of relationships that have made this life and work I know. In such companionable weave I am emboldened with the courage, and subsequent strength, to see into opportunity, catch the quarry of potential, hold it into right action, and then release all into the flow.

Thank you Dan for your presence and the encouragement of my own. In this camaraderie I can continue to deepen a commitment to presence, and therefore extend reach and deepen impact.

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A Flow to Simplicity through Focus

The path of genuine sharing is along the trail of focus.

What others need most from us comes from the best of who we are; our trueness.

In my flow to simplicity I very often get in my own way−wrapped around the axle as it is said. This occurs as I fight through my work to free others from debilitating judgment while questioning myself more than is necessary or productive.

My coach guided me through an enlightening perception exercise. Her closing summary was, “You live a true life. Relax into the fact that this is so.”

The exercise included asking a select few who have known me for a significant time the following:

  1. What 3 words define me best?
  2. What are 2 things I could do better starting tomorrow?

In the gift of this feedback−the sharing of these important few−I was lovingly and specifically encouraged to hear and hold a few things.

  • It is important to hear the questions without the immediate urge to answer.
  • I am being encouraged to more boldly hold the “trueness” in the long-term value of this work I’ve created.
  • As I push hard for what I need in this work I must float into the effort of each push−Let Go.
  • It is critical at this juncture that I hear what those I serve feel over time because of my impact.

I was taken to a deep part of the flow as I absorbed−with Coach Judy’s help−the feedback. I was taken into custody with the energy cycle of my focus: Gather to Give to Grow.

A sharing methodology around which I’ve built my life.

It is now time to trust it as never before.

A Flow to Simplicity through Purpose

Purpose is animated into flow only in the energy of presence.

Allow me to offer a caution: Purpose is not the result of a smartly crafted strategy; a set of brilliant hows and actions. All strategy is ultimately empty without the clarity of purpose. Subsequent strategy finds buoyancy in the flow because of individual resilient purpose.

Faith, as I am learning, is less about what I desire to be at some future point and much more about who I am now−and in the wonderful flow. If I am too busy looking elsewhere I will most certainly miss what is right before me.

In the light of present faith I had a startling realization. The desire I was claiming had been craftily mitered and matted in a future frame always hanging on a wall in a place yet my own. This is not real desire but ugly judgment in a friendly mask turning my own face from the power of purposeful presence.

While the story of living purposefully is ever-unfolding−and yes, contains complexity−it is a story with you since the beginning.

Purpose is not a product. Purpose is a gift.

And from this individualized, loving gift you find your call for giving in this world.

Each act of giving is then a simple act of purpose in the present, leaving us further enriched by your faithful presence.

A Flow to Simplicity through Growth

Failing has been exceptionally empowering to me because it has highlighted for me those things on which I must focus my energy. −Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Personal growth can at times feel like a lonesome journey. It is important to embrace growth as a journey, and an unfolding process that thankfully never ends. It is only in such acceptance where we may begin to float in the flow that is simplicity.

How is simplicity important to growth?

At the core it is about clarity. There is entirely too much on which to focus our energy. We need the simplicity of clarity to guide the balance of intention and attention.

I hear it all the time in one context or another, “I wish we could return to a simpler time.” Well, I don’t know about we, but you certainly can. A more simple time does not mean a time void of technological advance, political confusion, etc. Simple is what it is, and it is applied one individual at a time−you alone have the access code.

Simplicity is a specifically spoken purpose.Simplicity

Your purpose is encoded deep within you and all efforts to grow must serve this purpose. It’s pretty darn easy, while at the same time one of the hardest things to do, to focus on your purpose.

So, what is the key to growth−and the impact of your purpose? The answer … Love. More specifically, your very unique brand of love.

Know this love. Describe this love. Hold this love close. Give it your energy−for here lies your unique impact.