The Passion Paradox

Before we effectively
outside of self,
we must affectively
inside of self.

A proper encounter
love of self
usually settles a matter.

And in the disposition,
necessary it is
self to forgive,
fusing within one’s passion
enthusiasm and suffering.

All that remains then
to do, externally,
is to forgive,
to hold in love
the paradoxical self
of another.

–J. Brunson

Free for the Encounter

A voice that asks, “Who am I to deserve such?” is not your voice. It is one thing to be humbly grateful in the moment; it is quite another issue to put down oneself – to frustrate one’s voice. This is the roadblock of guilt.

A voice freed actively blesses the flow of all things and the unfolding in each experience. Voice free and flowing leads one to pursue impact in the larger encounter. An encounter welcomes you. Part of any encounter is actually a return – a reminder of who you are and your place in the full story.

Consistently I hear the guilt an individual leader holds tight in relation to creating and giving space and energy for self. How tragic as one unconsciously dodges the encounter.

You grow in your ability to choose and act with a conscious voice as you acknowledge the blessedness of your encounters.