The View from Here

It is what it is,
a reality, that can only be

And in the forgiving
one is delivered,
invariably graced,
into one’s own walk.

A desire inherent, deep within,
seeded with purpose
in the ground of Trueness,
must be encouraged
toward its intention, steadily.

And in the steadiness
of encouragement,
internally and externally,
one can hold, together
what is good, what is right,
and release voice
into the experience
of everything.

Now, one knows
by experience.
Now, one sees
through experience.

And at the pinnacle
of what is,
the view,

–J. Brunson

Peace Betwixt

One’s desire is this.
One’s intent is that.
And between the two
is Desire & Intent
two becoming one.

Masterfully you allow
the overlap of this and that.
So doing, you make peace.
To experience fully, natural.
To love deeply, intentional.

Peacefully, a teacher born.
Purposefully, a teacher lives.

Alive in the space of overlap
teaching us to feel
teaching us to hear
teaching us to see
our almond of peace
in the overlap
of our this, our that.

Lovingly, rhythmically, our hand you take
pulling us into the tension,
into the reality of paradox
feeling, hearing, seeing with us
the impact of peace between.


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Ohio Beauty – by Anna Sabino

Graceful Tension

Anyone who said it easy
to forgive another
by another to be forgiven,
did not grasp
or let go,
the tension of the space
the hold of such grace.

And there you are, standing
quietly, openly, and lovingly
in that graceful tension.

To stand, effortless you know
it certainly is not
there in presence, often taut,
but there you are
by choice,
for us holding gratitude and generosity, the two
because first, they both were given to you.

But steadfast remain, those we need
like you, powerful with love
empowering us in impartiality.

Your desire encouraging, your intent inspiring
leading us simply
your Trueness, and mine, an equalizer,
forgiveness a relief
to suffering,
and together then, each paradox we live,
and presently, in presence, to each other we give.

–J. Brunson

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Soul to Soul

Soul to soul, a connection made,
once made, one soul, an agent becomes,
and from his agency, soul to soul we stand.

We stand on purpose
and on purpose we stand,
individually, collectively,
propelled by desire, protected by intent;
finding Trueness firm in the two between.

Watching, a pleasure, seeing purpose
flow from you, one to many, many to one.
The tension you hold, a creative discipline
resolute in service,
determined to love.

Your desire, the fire
from which everything ignites,
for the many, for the one.

Your intent, the imprint
of who you are,
on the one, on the many.

Privileged to witness
such true aim
guiding the vessel of impact,
holding fast a trajectory of purpose,
colliding into a work of love.

Individually we understand, and privileged jointly,
we navigate the light and dark mystery
of soulful journey.

–J. Brunson

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Rhythmic Participation

Of all I have done
and all I could do
the most loving thing
I know how to do
is to encourage
another human spirit.

And this is why I gather,
my energy to build and store
material I need
to continually be
creatively encouraging.

And this is why I give,
my energy released
through a life-giving and non-judgmental
way of being
with another spirit.

And this is why I grow,
my energy maintained
to gather and give
yet again
and again.

So yes, grow
is first about me
in order to remain
open enough to participate
in the growth
of the other.

–J. Brunson


Desire & Intent – All I Need

By what am I driven?
By what am I drawn?

What energy desire exerts
I am pushed out.
What power intent beams
I am pulled forth.

Driven out
Drawn forth
desire and intent collide,
strength and weakness
paradoxically one.

In such oneness
passion speaks unashamedly.
In such oneness
purpose speaks clearly.
In such oneness
presence speaks consistently.

True now to who I am
what I need evident.

What I need
Yes, what you need
residing already, right here
where I stand
where you stand.

—J. Brunson


True Self, True Generosity

A Stone Grounding
a truing process

A Substantial Self
not made
only discovered
and embraced

A Stone Grounding
crushing diversion
sharpening awareness

A Stream Rushing
a consuming flow

A True Self
made real
from the start
now freed

A Stream Rushing
eroding duality
impelling wholeness

A World
desperate for generosity
receives it
only from Trueness
yours and mine

−J. Brunson