Silent Freedom

not the agent of fear,
of what we are afraid.

The absurdity of it all,
our angst, our anxiety,
fixed in a demand to control.

Whatever is missing
has been dismissed
in the waste of fear.

And mysterious still
how one might believe,
ever was there
any chance of control.

What then was dismissed
from fear, without thought?

Was it loss?
Was it love?

Providence not trusted,
in the flow of it all, it all
moves with us, or without us,
but so wants the divineness
of our presence.

In a loud world,
a distracting swirl,
silence is a mystery.

But silence we need,
for more than a bit, to hold,
and without judgment, release.

Letting go,
how can this be,
possibly be,
the way to steer,
a source to guide?

Simple it is,
to be led out there
one has to be guided
in here.

And the source,
the guide,
from your beginning,
is away from the fray.

In the silence,
in the depths
of The Presence,
is the middle
of your being.

Here, in the middle
of who you are,
since the start,
is inclusive freedom.

–J. Brunson

Silent Mystery - by Anna Sabino

Silent Mystery – by Anna Sabino

Listen Deeply – Love

The more I listen deeply in things, the more grounded I feel in the brand of love given to me. Yes, I see love as a pure gift. We do not earn the right to possess it nor can we demand conformity in order to give it to another. For what is given in reward to conformity is not love, but control. And not one good thing comes from control.

Release yourself from any unnecessary standard−usually placed on you by yourself−holding back the flow of your authentic self; and thus restricting your impact in the world.

Desire & Intent
Unrestricted, you freely honor the reality of desire. This opens the flow toward intent. Desire & Intent now cooperate as one releasing you into your living methodology … where living = flowing and methodology = rhythm:

A flow alive with the rhythm of who you are.

A New Confidence
The more we listen in the flow of impact, which is internal to external, the more grounded we become in a new confidence−which is what those whom we lead, influence, and serve need from us.

Personal purpose brought to a free, aware level composes your contribution in this world. This is your impact individualized by your unique voice.

Voice awareness gives us power to simply pay attention. As we are freed in our own true voice, others find more and more power of authenticity by our presence.

Freed  by purpose, you focus through each success and above every failure. Such leadership keeps us in the unfolding story together.

Our unique brand of love is pristine freedom, allowing us to hold opposing truths we find in life−and that become more clear to us as we listen deeply. To hold is not to control. As we hold the freedom of love, we see more clearly, hear more succinctly, and feel with wholeness.

Letting Go into A New Confidence

Letting go may be one of the most difficult things you will ever learn. The old confidence holds on as it wants to control.

An old confidence cannot feel the pull of desire or hear the voice of a larger purpose … becoming conscious brings you into the present with what is so important to you.
−Wading the Stream of Awareness
(An New Confidence Chapter)

An old confidence cannot feel the pull of desire because desire is buried under the shoulds and opinions of the world around us. This old confidence cannot hear the voice of a larger purpose as it keeps one imprisoned in past regret and future fear. Living in a new confidence you are fully aware of the futility in all attempts to control. We fool ourselves as we assign effective credit to ineffective belief and action.

A New Confidence is simple consciousness.

You are aware of who you really are and you embrace this reality. In this stream of awareness you begin to see your actions and behavior, your choices and decisions, in the simple light of what is good and right for you. You learn to do what is good and right and let go.

Doing anything in the spirit of a new confidence releases authentic energy into the flow. You let it go downstream to where intended while simply trusting any return to the ordained flow of it all.

Be you−the real you−and let go.

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