Voice – Holding Close

That one thing
so important
listening to it
hearing it sharply
acting on it.

If I don’t, recklessly
I push it to the shadow.

But if I do listen
if I do hear
and consequently choose
liberated I am
by my own resonance.

And from authentic voice
a unique vibration
joins a larger cadence
and together we gather
and together we give
and together we grow.

—J. Brunson


Choose a Love Focus

As one, one always has a choice,
no other one has power
to select any thought for one
save only one that power transfers.

The choice of power
for what is good
for what is right
is always inside.

What is inside
is indwelling generously
is guiding courageously
the one who from love leads.

What does it look like
to have love as the energetic core
and presence as the method?
It indeed looks like my life!

Presence, personal, attentive, confident,
is interest lovingly directed … and
interest received is energy given,
furthering our generous delight as loving leaders.

−J. Brunson


To Be Led (A Leader’s Presence)

In time of virulent insecurity, a swarm devours thought;
the hum drowns out voice.
Deaf to the distraction, you focus where you ought,
guiding me to a new choice.

Trusting what is best for one is best for all,
from failure you refuse to protect.
Your courage fortifies accountability to stand tall;
I now succeed in what I select.

Energized by learning, and driven by a need to share,
you helped me clearly see what is good indeed.
Now I offer in the whole this extension of care,
and lead others to listen inside for what they need.

−J. Brunson

Leadership Poem 3 – From Doug’s Story and my own experience of a good leader