Step into the Middle with Voice

Partnered with my wade to the middle of the stream of awareness was a conscious journey with voice. Voice is part of your story and your part in a larger story. Feel this accountability and hold it carefully.

Doing this work I do, I often reflect on bosses I’ve had: Who was a manager? Who was a leader? Marilyn may have been one of the two best bosses; and a true leader. She knew something about who I am at the core, and she held me accountable to that goodness−my voice.

Voice is the resonance of authenticity intended in everything one does. At least that is ideal. At times, the intent of voice does not translate through to action; a sure sign voice is not flowing. Voice is however always present. Trust me on this. It has been there with you, in its uniqueness, since the beginning.

I remember several times, when spouting-off from some emotional response, Marilyn looking at me and lovingly pushing me back into my voice; “Jeff, you know better than that. That’s not representative of who you are.” Voice is not meant to be held close and tight within. This is the sign of a voice silenced by a distracted world and a false self; confined by wind-blown opinion and limiting expectations.

Even in repression voice is consistent. Whether they can name it or not, those who know you best, who have experienced you authentically, see this core consistently. And they want to see it freed and flowing. This is your foundation for service in this world.


You, The Stream, and Voice

I wish I could explain what attracts me to the stream. I know it has become an essential part of my life. There are times even though miles away I hear its song. I hear it calling my name. I have all my life. −The Stream as an Attractor, Voice Chapter, page 125

Were it not for the call of the stream−the softness of a name given me in grace−I believe I would have become lost in the past few weeks of reflection at the pool.

Sometimes we fervently crave something new when the real pang is for what is already present and established. What is already present is your voice. There is an energy−a power−that resonates from your core. This is your voice; that one element you hold so close that it must be present (flowing) for each interaction to be as it ought.

In this time of contemplation, that has providentially included a necessary suffering, I was made aware of an intonation in my voice that had become muted in the sometimes too plentiful insignificant clatter of 21st Century living. My thoughts then turned to doing what I must to free this energy into active articulation; a delivery firmly placed by the strength of my voice.

Know then the essential things. Be still in the flow and listen for the call. Chances are what you hear will not be for the first time, but maybe specifically more recognizable than ever before. Has the message (the call) changed? No. You have.

Your voice will clear the flow of your individual character and allow us safety in the experience of who we really are.

Fuel for Courage

What a thrill it was to hear Tom’s voice. We had not talked in a long time; my writing, his work, and our longtime friendship have kept us spiritually connected.

Tom has given his life to our college-age youth for more than a quarter of a century. He is dedicated to doing his part in growing the leaders our society needs. I was thrilled when he stated how he had never been more encouraged by the character and quality of the youth we now have in our midst. Tom sees a level of courage in today’s youth.

In my volunteer work with youth, I see an incredible ability for presence – we must find the best ways to support them to find victory over the many 21st Century distractions. Let us draw together in a commitment to our own voice and purpose as models for one another.

Voice can help one find authentic purpose; purpose will amplify one’s resonance. The energy of your voice – fueled by conscious application of your liberating values – produces the courage to be and do.

Your impact in this world manifests in your external presence one person at a time. It takes courage to be present. Presence is too often counterintuitive to what common, observable behavior in our society speaks.

The fuel for the courage you need is your voice.

Bless the Rocks

Being thumped out into the turbulence of the river is something I will not soon forget. After breaking through the thin layer between drowning and floating, I saw the rock; a rock so large, it was a major player in turning the river’s flow. I found my footing just in time to keep from being slammed into the rock’s immovable position.

While I held the river in esteem prior to this experience, I now hold a reverential respect for the power in its flow. The river has gifted me with a new level of consciousness when blessed to be in its presence. This adventure in the character building torrent enlightened me to the meaning behind the partnership of water and rocks; movement and clarity.

The rocks in our lives keep the flow moving in a direction congruent with personal intention. And in the right conditions of time and place, we form depth made clear by forced movement. The depth of our pools are clear because of the rocks.

With voice in full engagement, I am learning to bless the rocks; not as barriers, but as providential builders of experience in my journey.