You’ve Only Just Begun

Sometimes a new beginning sneaks up on us. Under the illusion of control, we too often believe that something ends and something new begins; that there is an instant bridge between the two.

William Bridges taught me about managing transitions. Even when a new beginning clearly appears nestled against the ending, it may not be so for the individual. Change is a constant reality in the 21st Century. In our work, even the smallest change can throw one into the grieving process; even if the transition is brief.

Brief or not, a transition is a time for release and discovery in the riches of creativity; but only if the transition is honored.

“The severest test of work today is not of our strategies but of our imaginations and identities.”  -David Whyte in Crossing the Unknown Sea

Should you find yourself in a transition (and you will), don’t be too concerned when you experience some level of anxiety or even role confusion.

You’ve only just begun.