Youthful Encouragement

For too many of us, Desire & Intent have been ambushed by superfluous activity mistaken for purpose and meaning.

Mike is part of the collegial collective made up of my advanced coaching clients. In the most recent gathering, Mike talked of his family vacation to Colorado and the white water rafting trip he, his wife, and their two small boys bravely embarked upon. As he told his story, Mike showed the group a photo of his rafting family with their 24 year-old guide Swanee. As they navigated the currents, Mike described how this ‘kid’ was – despite his youthful, inexperienced look – very experienced in both life and guiding on the river.

In viewing the series of photos once the rafting journey was completed, Mike discovered something humorous: As the family had begun to practice the paddle strokes Swanee had taught them, and as the family had control of the craft, there in one particular photo was Swanee sitting on the back of the raft playing air guitar on his paddle. I loved it.

Swanee was centered and capable when it came to the safety of this precious family; and when that responsibility was being securely shared, he relaxed a bit into a creative run on his imagined strings.

Regardless of one’s age, the desire of youth is always there inside. This youthful desire is alert and waiting for the random but necessary moments when it can flow through an improvised run on one’s unique air guitar.

For over 30 years it has been my privilege to work with leaders who happen to be in their teen years. I owe these young people so much. My youthful desire is still alive and kicking due in large part to their exuberant grip.

The youth of these influential spirits has been a source of great encouragement for me. It is my responsibility to respond with an encouraging message worthy of the trust with which they have blessed me. My own desire is kept youthfully nourished by this fulfilling obligation.


The Freedom of Commitment

Commitment is born in intent as one forms context for desire. This is the natural connection that forms an individual’s Desire & Intent.

There is no doubt that it takes courage to honor your unique desire. As you put a voice on your foundational desire, you now have something firm on which to bolt the conviction of your intent.

This secure connection empowers commitment – your ability to convert intent to behavior to results. This is not only how you build and sustain trust, it is the structure for your ongoing impact.

Flowing Intent

The frequency of your unique desire assists the flow of your intent.

There is a certain saying about a particular road that is paved with good intentions. While that saying is harsh and void of grace, there is a partial truth within: Our intent is meaningless if it does not translate into behavior. In some cases – over time – a good behavior can nullify intent if the behavior does not achieve a result.

This is how we build trust: First we trust ourself to keep the commitments made from the desire in our core; we then allow intent to flow through behavior to a consistent and sustainable impact (the result of one’s commitments externally).

This dependable flow yields the freedom that is indispensible to our desire. In this flow, desire is set free in a productive present where intent is translated into impact.

Unashamed Authenticity

Yes, it all begins with commitment.

Regardless of the generation to which one belongs, it is my belief that the majority of us desire to make a difference with our life’s work. Desire is your authentic expression of the vision you hold for those you lead, influence, and serve. Your Desire & Intent is formed as desire meets the conviction of your intent; and its power is released only through commitment.

The power advances from, and because of, your authentic core. The stoutness of your core is the unashamed acknowledgement of who you are. Your unique gift to the world is offered in the power of your authenticity. Your gift is your message.

The verbiage you need for this message is there inside you. Your desire is good. It was placed there a long time ago for a reason. Your desire holds the language you need in order to speak your message.

Speak it unashamedly.

Anticipated Impact

There is no impact without action; and there is only value in actions formed in authentic anticipation.

Impact is the living measure – a story unfolding – of the sustainable reach of your leadership. What you do, commitment by successive commitment, writes the story of your reach in this world. Your reach is sustained through a focus fueled by your authenticity.

In light of desire and intent, anticipation becomes a methodology that is unique to you. With the tool of uniqueness in hand, you begin to form a plan; a preparation for impact.

Dave is learning to consciously do this. For years he has operated diligently in executing the plans of others. It is now time that he does this with his core values out front while leading others into the collective story; a story of excitement driven from his own vision.

The very impact Dave desires is the very impact he has been delivering for all those years. He is now simply more conscious of who he has become. His actions will now be re-formed in authentic anticipation; commitment by successive commitment.