Soul to Soul

Soul to soul, a connection made,
once made, one soul, an agent becomes,
and from his agency, soul to soul we stand.

We stand on purpose
and on purpose we stand,
individually, collectively,
propelled by desire, protected by intent;
finding Trueness firm in the two between.

Watching, a pleasure, seeing purpose
flow from you, one to many, many to one.
The tension you hold, a creative discipline
resolute in service,
determined to love.

Your desire, the fire
from which everything ignites,
for the many, for the one.

Your intent, the imprint
of who you are,
on the one, on the many.

Privileged to witness
such true aim
guiding the vessel of impact,
holding fast a trajectory of purpose,
colliding into a work of love.

Individually we understand, and privileged jointly,
we navigate the light and dark mystery
of soulful journey.

–J. Brunson

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Impact – The Leader’s Love

With passion
you begin to listen
With purpose
you open to learn
With presence
you now lead.

a full force
of conscious living.

Passion drives you,
you know what and why you love.
Purpose draws you,
you know who and when to love.
Presence sustains you,
you know how is trusting the flow.

from your passion seeded
from your purpose strengthened
from your presence actualized.

The love of a leader
a journey you accept, and
thankful we are for the
what we know by your rhythm.

—J. Brunson


I Choose Love

Attempting to be smart
but smart doesn’t arrive.
Strategic absurdity sets in
action stalls and plans crush.

Calculated anticipation is admired
expectations rule, future pulls,
and no one is here to engage.

A friend has said
wise she was
Interest creates Energy.

Voice is the core of energy
an articulation of authenticity
the rhythm of presence.

Suddenly it seems
but more gradual is reality,
One stands firm with voice
and love stands solid and present.

A self given
to the self
of the other.

A self given
but first given
to itself.

Thus the path of Impact
in a needy world,
A world in need
of soulful participation.

−J. Brunson

Poem grounded from Skillfully Generous – Impact



Transforming Trueness – Impact (Transitions Shape Us)

Transition, one then another
dispensed on a soul
is to an individual
proof simply one is living.

−verse 1 of Transforming Trueness (Repose)

The Impact needed in this world must come from those who have learned to be then do. In any situation, ask yourself what you most desire. The substance of the matter−the truth you need−is right there with you. The substance is in who you are much more than in what you think you might need to do.

Impact−Trueness practiced−is less in the doing and more in the being.

Concerning the root cause of any sense of lack, worry, or inadequacy, David Whyte says in his book, The Three Marriages; “The root is our desire to have any other reality than the one we are confronted with in the moment.” This is misplaced desire: A freedom with its base somewhere in the future. And if based only in a future−where seeing is focused−then your unique freedom is unattainable in the present.

Yes, both be and do are important and there is an order and a balance. If you as a leader feel the tension of this order and balance, then you are standing in the right place. Your most powerful stand as a leader is not some future vision (although a necessary tool). Your stand is in reality−the present.

In so many situations the pressure we feel is the shaping touch of a providential hand. Change, one then another, assures that we, as individuals, have ample opportunities for alteration−momentary modifications in doing that serve a transforming being.

In my writing some may say I’m too spiritual. Spiritual? I would not disagree. Too much? You decide for yourself. For I do not write these things to make you spiritual. I write these things so you may live in reality (in your present−in your Trueness).

From my personal journal:
I am grateful in the pool of each conscious moment. I am free to ‘be’ now and to not have to wait on some future state or status: Aren’t we all? And … that is my purpose: To open minds and hearts to what already is; to open an individual to who they already are−a present enfoldment that is all poised for unfoldment.

For the attentive (contemplative) leader, Impact is the living measure; confirmation of one’s willing participation in the unfolding−the flow.

Each transition is providential opportunity to say Yes.

And so it is that we are shaped by transition−one then another. Yes, we are being transformed into our very Trueness … if we but say, “Yes.”

BCL Blog 4

Our Inner Territory – The Flow of Voice

It was our lunch break and I noticed Christie sitting alone in the company’s cafeteria. I had been engaged to provide a Desire & Intent workshop for this professional women’s group at their location in Texas. My temptation to walk over and ask permission to join Christie is only natural to me; but a voice suggested I not do so. Only as we resumed for the afternoon portion did I discover why.

Christie’s voice has always been present in the inner territory of who she is.

Christie was clear that her subsequent realizations were to the credit of her alone time at lunch and Elizabeth’s generous listening.

Elizabeth works with a special leader and respectively illustrated her own special spirit as she paired with Christie in our workshop exercises. I sat down with them to see how they were doing on the particular assignment. As part of expressing the freedom she was feeling, Christie told Elizabeth and me of her husband’s death just over two years ago; leaving her with their two young children.

Christie was becoming powerfully conscious of her own creative tension−her impact in this world as she holds the energy formed by the collision of her desire and her intent.

Now, after expressing out loud her own Desire & Intent and receiving the loving assistance from Elizabeth, I completely trust Christie’s voice to do its inner work and provide freedom through her impact in the world.

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Our Inner Territory – an Accountability to Impact

As we step out onto the path that our design has for us, we only find courage to journey with associated accountability as we hold the creative tension formed by the union of inner and outer charges.

“It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery, but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between.”Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses

In this work I do as a Coach I’ve come to realize some important truths; one of which is that I am ultimately coaching an individual to that space where the internal and external collide.

Without a guide the resulting bang of this Impact can be deeply terrifying as one most instantly begins to search for what is wrong. Although my question leading to individual articulation of Desire & Intent is, for the person, a freeing revelation, that freedom can be accompanied by pure terror of a territory ahead, a ravaged hillside in the past, or even the view of the beautiful country suddenly brought to light.

In order to arrive at any understanding of my own creative tension, forming my commitment to Impact, I had to accept the attachment to desire while simultaneously realizing how crucial it was to let go into intent (for there, I have no control).

As we become more conscious of the need around us to which our Impact is called, we cannot allow the eagerness to fill such need take away any energy to do so.

Only in your creative tension may you let go of the narcissistic victory (a need to win/control) and flow with the Impact experience.

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Listen Deeply – Impact

Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent. −Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak

It seems her life was being held in measure to a book of values written by the life of her mother−at least the perception of her mother’s life to which she held tight. So tight in fact that it created an irreconcilable tension between perceived standard and authentic reality.

You know those times when a voice speaks something that makes you say, “Ouch!” And then you slide into deeper shock upon realizing it was your voice! Such was the case with the question I posed during one particular session with Susan.

Susan had been telling me in great detail about her mother. As I listened I remember thinking how unbalanced such admiration felt. That’s when I heard it: “Do you think there might be a need to separate your admiration for your mother from your need to be like her?” When I realized that the voice was my own, my eyes quickly scanned for sharp instruments on the table where we had just dined. Fortunately Susan did not try to hurt me. But if looks could kill …

After our mutual shock subsided we talked freely about the intent of the question. Susan began to see the unnecessary standard she had placed on herself; holding back the flow of the authentic Susan. It was particularly powerful when she was able to embrace another question: Wouldn’t it break your mother’s heart if she thought she was part of anything holding her daughter back?

It thrills me to know Susan opened that day to listen deeply and stepped through a portal to authentic reality and unique impact.