Non-Anxious Presence

I remember my mom telling me how my grandmother would retreat into a funk when family would depart after a long visit. The visit of our adult daughter was a wonderful four days. She is a beautiful young person who is fun to be around. She got the best of both her mom and me.

In my humble (biased) opinion, she has an advanced acceptance of self and of others. At her best she is a non-anxious presence. Her return to her own home left me less than calm – in an inherited funk.

After a full day of funkedness, I reminded myself of the blessing of her presence that is always with us. I was reminded of the present joy we have always had when it comes to this child; this young woman. In practicing presence, I practice calmness. There is confidence in calmness.

Non-Anxious Presence – The intoxication that is an appreciative expression of being in the presence of another.

As during her visit, I am restored only when conscious and present. Through the restorative power of conscious presence, I am guided by my voice; my voice of Love.