From the Beginning

Love is where I came from,
and love is where I’ll return.
In-between, intended it was,
love meant to guide and lead.
In reality love always did,
sadly, I didn’t always listen.
But now, blessed opportunity
and gift of awareness, I
can hear the voice of love
in everything I see–
but aware I must remain,
It’s my time to live,
live according
to the Trueness
given me
from the beginning.

–J. Brunson

The Privilege

The privilege
of being true,
a meaning likely
best fitting
to the yearning
for freedom.

A day offered … each day
actually offered in much the same way;
a chance for presence,
the privilege of being true.

On this day,
in a context of presence,
privilege, upon writing the word,
suddenly, consciously,
includes me.

All of the journey,
all of my steps,
finds me thankful,
for the spirits I know,
the experience of each
securing the privilege.

The privilege
to know the I
that I am,
made this way,
for these steps,
for this path,
thankful I am
in Trueness.

–J. Brunson


There are Birds There Too

If we stay
one place
too long,
debilitatingly comfortable
we become.

If we move
too quickly,
too soon,
coldly insensitive
we become.

Longer than anywhere
here I’ve been
where birds sing,
dawn to dark.
But longer still
I’ve journeyed
birdsong always present
of dove, lark.

A choice of control it is not
this next step of transformation,
but more a return
a natural necessity
to live without control.

Expectations hoarded
filters blinding,
never a path found.
Yet self freed
seeing and unfolding,
inner music will abound.

So on I go
to label no need
and on I trust,
in what I’ll see.


Photo by Teri Vickers Metts

Photo by Teri Vickers Metts

Shadow Strengths – Chapter Four (Voice)

Your voice is the purest identification of your love as a leader.

In early 2011, I wrote this Poem for Voice:

The Layers of Life

From the inside out one lives
A living energized by the act of being.
From the core of self one gives
A giving energized in the act of seeing.

In seeing need, the voice moves
In authentic expression, the voice proves
What soul has to say
In midst of the fray
That love heals and the voice soothes.

Do you know how to identify your voice? Answer this simple question: “What is the one thing you hold so close in your core, that if it is not present in each interaction, then you know things will not be as they ought?” Don’t overthink this. Go with your intuitive impression. Whatever the word or phrase you used to answer, this is your Voice.

It is this one thing that is so easily hidden in the shadow. Why does voice become exiled to shadow? It is because the ego gets in the way of resonance. The ego is only concerned with what is on the outside−how we look in the world and to others. And the longer I live, the funnier this is to me; as I see how insecure many individuals unfortunately are, and that anyone would hold themselves in a negative, or positive, comparative light. And I’m most guilty!

Who you are at your core−where voice originates−is who you are, and this authenticity is just as it ought to be. But you see, I have to “voice” that, for my Voice is Love & Encouragement.

Beyond ego, into the depth of your Trueness, is your Voice. While ego is only concerned with how one looks on the outside, Voice guides us from the inside out.

So, how do we bring our unique voice out of our shadow? The first step is to answer the one thing question and become vividly aware of your voice. The next step is to allow such awareness flow and order into present consciousness. This simply means you become consistently committed to consciously bringing forth your voice in each interaction.

Such conscious application is indeed difficult; for the shadow desperately wants to reclaim your voice into ego-driven silence.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. −Gil Bailie

Your Voice, focused through A New Confidence, is a strength drawn from the shadow.

For more on what drives my voice into the world: The Manifesto of My Art

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Listen Deeply – Voice

My work of the last 17 years in particular has progressively blessed me with awareness of the power of my own voice. More recently however, I’ve learned the imperativeness of constant and consistent awareness of voice.

It seems without fail that when I am blessed by an individual’s words expressing the impact of our work together, I am reminded of work where voice was in full flow. Where flow means being fully present in the collision, and consequent tension, of desire and intent; and remaining in the presence of the one to whom I offer my voice.

We must find a way to live in the continuing conversation, with all its conflicts and complexities, while staying in close touch with our own inner teacher. −Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness

My Living Methodology is the rhythm that is the flow of unique Desire & Intent. There is an energetic resonance alive in this rhythmic stream of authenticity.

Your inner teacher speaks; often very softly.

One must learn to be still to hear this teacher. The teacher speaks in tune with your distinctive resonance allowing you the opportunity to hear true self in a quiet, safe inner space.

At the core of true self is Voice.

Your impact in this world is individualized by your unique voice. Listen to it−deeply: hear it, pay attention to it, and choose accordingly.

Step into the Middle with Voice

Partnered with my wade to the middle of the stream of awareness was a conscious journey with voice. Voice is part of your story and your part in a larger story. Feel this accountability and hold it carefully.

Doing this work I do, I often reflect on bosses I’ve had: Who was a manager? Who was a leader? Marilyn may have been one of the two best bosses; and a true leader. She knew something about who I am at the core, and she held me accountable to that goodness−my voice.

Voice is the resonance of authenticity intended in everything one does. At least that is ideal. At times, the intent of voice does not translate through to action; a sure sign voice is not flowing. Voice is however always present. Trust me on this. It has been there with you, in its uniqueness, since the beginning.

I remember several times, when spouting-off from some emotional response, Marilyn looking at me and lovingly pushing me back into my voice; “Jeff, you know better than that. That’s not representative of who you are.” Voice is not meant to be held close and tight within. This is the sign of a voice silenced by a distracted world and a false self; confined by wind-blown opinion and limiting expectations.

Even in repression voice is consistent. Whether they can name it or not, those who know you best, who have experienced you authentically, see this core consistently. And they want to see it freed and flowing. This is your foundation for service in this world.

Letting Go into Voice

It sometimes seems there are barriers to our voice at every turn. As we learn to trust the flow, the rocks become an exciting selling point for the journey. Trusting the flow as a clarifying process, we learn patience as we move along. As our path unfolds before us. −Wading the Stream of Awareness(Voice Chapter)

Our behavior is driven by what we believe we can or cannot do. In honoring voice you support beliefs that empower the real you. Giving to yourself the time to learn, grow, and develop is a selfless commitment; it is nourishing for those you lead, influence, and serve.

I suppose one could become obsessively focused on caring for the internal. Some might say that about me this year. With a stressful beginning to the year, I chose to go inside (bouncing off some of my own rocks). This focus internally was to purify and protect the flow of my calling, my voice. Voice does not just flow externally, it begins from an internal stream.

I had allowed external circumstances to dam the flow. The dam was of my own construction as I continually tried to hold on−to control.

To lead, influence, and serve as called, you must nurture your own voice. The resonance of voice is purified by selfless time−time for you. There is bounty in the flow of voice. In your voice you are called into the present.

As you become more aware of your unfolding story, you create the deep commitment to care for the internal.

Everything you need you have now.

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