Wading the Stream

In my work as a Leadership Coach, I have had the privilege to learn much from those I Coach. It is this learning which finally brought me to the beautiful place where I would write.

A friend challenged me to retreat and determine what I wanted to write about … and why. I took the challenge and spent 2 days alone in a mountain retreat center answering those great questions.

I did decide what to write about, and why it was so important to me.

Wading the Stream of Awareness:
    The Building of a Confident Leader
The metaphor of ‘wading the stream of awareness’ became my motivation for writing about what was so important; your confidence.

Judging self crushes the spirit. This keeps us from reaching out into the world as we are meant to do – and keeps us from being who we are meant to be.

Who you are and how that shows up is meant to show itself in a natural flow.

What makes this happen – greases the skids if you will – is when we realize that our confidence in this flow is found in who we really are; our wiring from the beginning.

I wish for you complete joy in The Wade!


“While ancient in its purpose, the stream is presently focused. I practice in the stream’s presence mindful only of the moments that flow by as I wade in its wisdom.” -The Stream as Force; Chapter One: Impact


“There are rich gifts in this book—golden nuggets for us to discover and treasure as we step with new awareness into the stream of our living.”
—Gordon Turnbull, Minister, Writer, Encourager

The Peace of The Stream



  The Companion Workbook

“…sound, with application of principles following an understanding of the theory behind the principles. The reader is lead to natural conclusions regarding their own stream of awareness by progressing through the book. This is not for the faint of heart however, there is meat here to be consumed, digested, ruminated over, and redigested. Bringing in of actual situations is helpful . The exercises could also take on some practical elements of application of this new found awareness. This could lead the reader to an immediate application of the theories and principles.”
-Doug Fabick, Facilitator, Coach, and Founder of Successful Organizational Strategies