Freed from Within

The world cries out.
We want clarity.
We want truth.
Knowing what is wanted, the cries become louder
as confusion remains over how to quell.

There is what is wanted
and then there is what is needed.

In need we focus
and share trueness.
In want is excess,
creating distraction
to what is true.

Only in the love flow
does voice resonate true.
Your voice fully flowing
is nourishment in a hungry world.

Yes, I hurt in your pain
and you in mine.
I need your voice
and you need mine.

And so examples we are
of collaborative voice power,
skillfully directing generous clarity,
empowering truth and internally planted freedom.


Poem Grounded from Skillfully Generous – Voice



Shadow Strengths – Chapter Four (Voice)

Your voice is the purest identification of your love as a leader.

In early 2011, I wrote this Poem for Voice:

The Layers of Life

From the inside out one lives
A living energized by the act of being.
From the core of self one gives
A giving energized in the act of seeing.

In seeing need, the voice moves
In authentic expression, the voice proves
What soul has to say
In midst of the fray
That love heals and the voice soothes.

Do you know how to identify your voice? Answer this simple question: “What is the one thing you hold so close in your core, that if it is not present in each interaction, then you know things will not be as they ought?” Don’t overthink this. Go with your intuitive impression. Whatever the word or phrase you used to answer, this is your Voice.

It is this one thing that is so easily hidden in the shadow. Why does voice become exiled to shadow? It is because the ego gets in the way of resonance. The ego is only concerned with what is on the outside−how we look in the world and to others. And the longer I live, the funnier this is to me; as I see how insecure many individuals unfortunately are, and that anyone would hold themselves in a negative, or positive, comparative light. And I’m most guilty!

Who you are at your core−where voice originates−is who you are, and this authenticity is just as it ought to be. But you see, I have to “voice” that, for my Voice is Love & Encouragement.

Beyond ego, into the depth of your Trueness, is your Voice. While ego is only concerned with how one looks on the outside, Voice guides us from the inside out.

So, how do we bring our unique voice out of our shadow? The first step is to answer the one thing question and become vividly aware of your voice. The next step is to allow such awareness flow and order into present consciousness. This simply means you become consistently committed to consciously bringing forth your voice in each interaction.

Such conscious application is indeed difficult; for the shadow desperately wants to reclaim your voice into ego-driven silence.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. −Gil Bailie

Your Voice, focused through A New Confidence, is a strength drawn from the shadow.

For more on what drives my voice into the world: The Manifesto of My Art

BCL Blog 4

Transforming Trueness – Voice (In the connections, voice clears)

And the deepest of reality,
an original endowment,
is the intricate truth
of who one really is.

−verse 4 of Transforming Trueness (Repose)

What is your service in this world?

In your own truth and reality, your answer is a simple complexity. We are not simple beings, but it seems we are on a continual journey to simply be. Along the way we are indeed preyed upon by a busyness formed in the confusion of a transforming collective presence in this 21st Century.

There is a collective transformation in process. One major contributor to complexity is a collective unconsciousness to what is really going on. And this is where the individual consciously and powerfully breaks into the scene.

The World Needs You!

Your unique, individual voice is a dynamic entrance into a collective, transforming awareness.

In the recent evolution of my Coaching Model I was reminded that I have done nothing on my own. The freeing of my Trueness has been a collective−and truly collaborative−effort. My richest blessings are consistently held and carried by those who lovingly give of their presence. These connections walk with me in the art of holding. It is in, and with, these connections that voice clears.

In the connections, voice clears. Yes, and this begins in the internal journey as you reconnect with original source−your authentic self from the beginning. Do not limit your thinking in a too-narrow definition of connections. Certainly there are those inner connections we make when clarity presents itself. And there are those connections deepened on the outside as, in a new confidence, we clear the way for our own voice to be heard through our service in a needy world.

Your unique resonance needs the reverberation from these connections. Such reflection reassures the inner timbre. The freeing of your truth is at once joyful and painful.

“We have to leave the garden, so to speak. It is this movement out and back between the loneliness and desperation of the false self and the fullness of the True Self that is the process of transformation.” −Richard Rhor

I cannot offer any advice on avoiding the discomfort of transition nor the pain that comes with transformation. Again, we are always being shaped by forces internal and external and by influences individual and collective.

What I can ensure is this: If you walk with others and allow them to walk with you−letting your voice free, and hearing the other−you will know the Art of Holding in the deepest of reality.

BCL Blog 4

A Voice of Your Own

Darkness assumed
anything in depth; lightless, afraid
with soul though, brighter it grows.
For descending into soul
is to ascend into glory.

What was that sound?
From what source
was such clarity?

A soul speaks,
soul deep.
Listen deep.
Soul has voice.
That voice is yours.

Attention proffered.
Free to see.
Love directs.

A need visible,
like never before
clearly you see.

You saw clearly.
You were present.
You chose to act.

Did you choose Trueness?
Did Trueness choose you?
In the flow, choice and chosen
are one and same.

−J. Brunson

Our Inner Territory – The Flow of Voice

It was our lunch break and I noticed Christie sitting alone in the company’s cafeteria. I had been engaged to provide a Desire & Intent workshop for this professional women’s group at their location in Texas. My temptation to walk over and ask permission to join Christie is only natural to me; but a voice suggested I not do so. Only as we resumed for the afternoon portion did I discover why.

Christie’s voice has always been present in the inner territory of who she is.

Christie was clear that her subsequent realizations were to the credit of her alone time at lunch and Elizabeth’s generous listening.

Elizabeth works with a special leader and respectively illustrated her own special spirit as she paired with Christie in our workshop exercises. I sat down with them to see how they were doing on the particular assignment. As part of expressing the freedom she was feeling, Christie told Elizabeth and me of her husband’s death just over two years ago; leaving her with their two young children.

Christie was becoming powerfully conscious of her own creative tension−her impact in this world as she holds the energy formed by the collision of her desire and her intent.

Now, after expressing out loud her own Desire & Intent and receiving the loving assistance from Elizabeth, I completely trust Christie’s voice to do its inner work and provide freedom through her impact in the world.

See companion truth – Our Outer Accountability – Living Voice

Listen Deeply – Voice

My work of the last 17 years in particular has progressively blessed me with awareness of the power of my own voice. More recently however, I’ve learned the imperativeness of constant and consistent awareness of voice.

It seems without fail that when I am blessed by an individual’s words expressing the impact of our work together, I am reminded of work where voice was in full flow. Where flow means being fully present in the collision, and consequent tension, of desire and intent; and remaining in the presence of the one to whom I offer my voice.

We must find a way to live in the continuing conversation, with all its conflicts and complexities, while staying in close touch with our own inner teacher. −Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness

My Living Methodology is the rhythm that is the flow of unique Desire & Intent. There is an energetic resonance alive in this rhythmic stream of authenticity.

Your inner teacher speaks; often very softly.

One must learn to be still to hear this teacher. The teacher speaks in tune with your distinctive resonance allowing you the opportunity to hear true self in a quiet, safe inner space.

At the core of true self is Voice.

Your impact in this world is individualized by your unique voice. Listen to it−deeply: hear it, pay attention to it, and choose accordingly.

A Flow to Simplicity through Service

2012 was for me a year of transformation, an immersion in deep and comforting reality.

Allow me to expound a bit on See the Unfolding.

As is obvious through frequent reference, the writings of Richard Rohr continue to be in the flow of my evolution. In conscious diligence with his writing−and flowing encouragement−I discovered a beautiful methodology serving my own Confidence Cycle (and business model) of Gather to Give to Grow.

Think of your service in this world as I share this methodology with you. Like my confidence cycle, this methodology is expressed in the rhetorical power of 3:

  1. Forgive Everything
  2. Everything Belongs
  3. See the Unfolding

In Forgive Everything I repair the basket so what I Gather isn’t lost along the path. In Everything Belongs I embrace what the basket holds: no need to label, as labeling would impede Giving from the bounty in the basket. And only now can I See the Unfolding as I Grow and travel along with those who receive from the basket.

As the flow for me has simplified, I continue to better understand and embrace my service in the world. This service is simplified by this beautiful methodology and freed to flow in the network of relationships−the true space of service.