A Bridge to Presence

A ping from the soul
the spirit hears,
resonance within
the walls of experience.

Truly hearing, beyond
feigned listening
we come together;
a reverberating oneness
in the oneness of vibration.

In the 20/20 of resonance,
sightful clarity,
a resonant moment
becomes a hologram
of all that is true.

To resonate is to flow
the sound of peace
in the middle we know.

Living each question,
holding with care,
welcoming each paradox,
I let go into the flow.

–J. Brunson

It’s Why I’m Here

To aid and abet
the spirit, and spirituality
of another

Support to give
to one’s voice,
resonant power

Awaiting release, strengths balanced,
flowing methodology at the core;
in the middle, your Trueness.

What you need, now
what is required, always
I must facilitate.

Support to give
in light of a gift,
resonant love

To aid an abet
attention presently fixed
on you

Of all I know,
know how to do,
nothing is greater
voice and gift released,
resonating strength.

The most loving thing I know,
know how to do,
is to encourage you,
your Trueness:
It’s why I’m here.

–J. Brunson


Everyday Dignity

Each wonderful, we are,
an engaging story,
for need in the world,
to be told.

In the ordinary, is power,
constant opportunity,
To Feel before and beyond
any limiting expectation.
To Hear our own resonant
capacity to be present.
To See the mysterious ease
of everyday things.

The abundance of mystery,
expectation interrupts.
No longer by narrowness be,
misguided by and into judgment.

Permission, allow me to give,
relieving you of the stress,
attempting to create
what you already hold.

A voice from the beginning, free,
resonant strength limitless,
authentically equipped to speak,
gracefully, in the transient flow.

In the space of everyday,
a story to be told,
you are, I am.

–J. Brunson


Peace Betwixt

One’s desire is this.
One’s intent is that.
And between the two
is Desire & Intent
two becoming one.

Masterfully you allow
the overlap of this and that.
So doing, you make peace.
To experience fully, natural.
To love deeply, intentional.

Peacefully, a teacher born.
Purposefully, a teacher lives.

Alive in the space of overlap
teaching us to feel
teaching us to hear
teaching us to see
our almond of peace
in the overlap
of our this, our that.

Lovingly, rhythmically, our hand you take
pulling us into the tension,
into the reality of paradox
feeling, hearing, seeing with us
the impact of peace between.


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Ohio Beauty – by Anna Sabino

The Privilege of Resonance

Many years have given
time to working
energy to work

Many things to do
my hands have found
variety I’ve known
and in the process
I’ve been opened by diversity

I’ve been drained
been spilled
I’ve been challenged
been fulfilled

A question I now live
about what to now give
A question to go deeper
A question to go higher

A question for being
A question for doing
a realization of source
an answer

Learning from variety
understanding in diversity
ever more I know
voice must flow

In true form
formed by Trueness
I speak from life
I speak for living

If who I am
echoes in any chamber
of your fullness
it is because
you granted my voice
the privilege of resonance
beyond self

–J. Brunson


A Life Must Be Lived

The world
is turning me
to face the sun.
This is the way of the day.
This is the way of a life.

In the turning
I observe
and feel.
In the facing
I participate
and feel.

This is life and living.
This is oneness.

On the porch
I sat
on the lake
watching a morning.

This oneness
completely I felt.
This reality
of being a part.

Yes, a small part
in a bigger picture
yet feeling large
because of the picture.

“I can do anything” large
this is not.
It’s just simple oneness.

Getting this realistically
it becomes too
to explain.

It can only be
It can only be

–J. Brunson


Voice – Holding Close

That one thing
so important
listening to it
hearing it sharply
acting on it.

If I don’t, recklessly
I push it to the shadow.

But if I do listen
if I do hear
and consequently choose
liberated I am
by my own resonance.

And from authentic voice
a unique vibration
joins a larger cadence
and together we gather
and together we give
and together we grow.

—J. Brunson