This is Your Service

From beyond, an elder,
wise words written, saying
All my service becoming prayer,
All my work, play.

According to my service,
which is my work,
and according to my work,
which is my service,
it seems I pray, constantly.

From afar, questions.
In close, questions within.
From both routes, served.
Impact builds.

In my work, loving
impartially and intrinsically,
I yearn for more to serve,
to love,
with the prayer of my work.

–J. Brunson


3 thoughts on “This is Your Service

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    • Your life is so my wonderful friend! I wrote this in honor of the late Fr. Thomas Green, and what his writing has meant to me. I was talking about you today with a client, as I encouraged her to form regular contact, and conversation, with a trusted colleague – like my friend and colleague, Dan!!!

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