It Comes Together

To lean on strength
and the authentic self
is to blur the line
between work and play

Odd it is
to blur a line
to bind together
any two things
we must let go
of both

In the letting go
it comes together
the flow of who we are
in the Being
in the Doing

Judged we are not
only by Being
only by Doing
completed by both we are
as Being fills doing
and Doing fulfills being

Not in contradiction
Being and Doing
but necessary partners
for the privilege of seeing
for the directing of energy

–J. Brunson


3 thoughts on “It Comes Together

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  2. “…necessary partners…” – that’s the money line for me 🙂 There is much work to be done in the world when it comes to helping people heal their splintered selves. Here’s to helping people become the whole-beings they were always meant to be…

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