Shadow Strengths – Chapter Six (Focus)

Focus is greatly valued in the 21st Century. It is one of the most common things my clients talk about. While focus is highly valued, it’s not the answer. The answer is Authenticity. The Question?

What opens your portal to focus?

I was reminded of my mission one morning as I meditated on caring. I had been challenged in some recent study to reflect on who I am and what such authenticity was calling me yet to do. And I’ve not stated my mission to anyone in quite a long time: “To Love, Serve, & Understand.”

For some reason I focused on the aspect of caring. I believe others see me as caring, but then I wondered how such had evolved. Had caring moved to a point of being both external and internal? Then one of Patricia Ryan Madson’s tips for sharing control came to me; “If you see something that needs to be done, do it.”

Soon after reading, and seriously considering, Patricia’s tips, I was on my way to Oklahoma to work at a client location. I had to change planes in Atlanta (a usual process considering where I live). I exited the jet onto the jetway only to be halted by the human traffic jam. The gate-checked bags were being unloaded and an elderly couple was standing in the middle of it all waiting for their piece of luggage.

Realizing the jam of people, the husband suggested to his wife that she proceed forth to the top of the jetway and wait on him and the bag. Another piece of challenge was that he was also waiting on an airport wheelchair and attendant. The attendant and chair arrive, he gets seated, bag gets loaded, and everyone begins to hurry past as their movement clears the way up the incline toward the terminal.

As the very tiny attendant began to push the average-sized man, and as I gathered my own bag and start to pass, that long awaited piece of baggage slips right out from its shelf underneath the wheelchair. Seeing something that needed to be done, I called out, “I’ve got it” and snatched up the bag and proceeded to the top of the jetway.

I stopped next to the wife and asked if that gentleman approaching belonged to her. He did of course. I placed the bag beside her and moved on.

So, why do I tell you this story?

Your own good process for living moment-by-moment is your cycle of strengths applied to lead others, influence others, to serve others.

It seems as I was meditating on caring that this experience came to mind. And I was greatly surprised, as I relived it, that the service of this act was not about the wife, the husband, and not even getting baggage to the top of a jetway. The act was in service to a petite airport attendant.

When it comes to focus, the strength in the shadow is good process for living moment-by-moment. Thinking through this story helped me−brought back to consciousness−the process in my own mission.

Love opens me to see. In seeing I can serve. And at some point, often times much later, I understand.

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4 thoughts on “Shadow Strengths – Chapter Six (Focus)

  1. “The act was in service to a petite airport attendant.” How astute of you to see this, Jeff. Though I shouldn’t really be surprised. You are always amazing me with your keen insight!

    As human beings, we are so interconnected, most clearly through our actions. I appreciate your highlighting that by citing your service to the attendant…what a great reminder 🙂

    • Thank you my dear Friend! Your support is so very important to me and what I do … and why I do it! Keep giving from your Voice and changing lives out there!

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