Transforming Trueness – Presence (We become committed to here)

Surprising it may seem
and so surprising it is;
but deceitful it cannot be.
−verse 5 of Transforming Trueness (Repose)

My richest blessings are consistently held and carried by those who lovingly give of their presence.

My dear friend Dan walks with me and allows me to walk with him. Together we practice in the art of holding what is said and heard; sometimes for many weeks and months.

I began writing this piece on the morning that found us driving to the airport in the middle of the night to ensure Dan boarded the first flight ahead of a snowstorm bearing down on his home in Chicagoland. Dan had generously set aside time for his friend. We talked about plans, dreams, and desires for hours. We talked about our respective transitions and mutual transformation. We asked each other questions animating each to unreservedly attend to the answers.

“These passages into uncertainty or chaos give us unequaled opportunities to find our courage and strength. The world of duality disguises these events, making us feel that disaster is upon us, but these lessons are also blessings that insist that we stretch beyond our self-imposed limitations.”
−Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream (HarperOne, 1999)

If there is one thing for certain Dan wants for me, it’s for me to stretch beyond my self-imposed limitations. We recognized the transformative energy in the thread of deeply congruent actions. So we set aside special time to talk about right action.

As I spoke of some sort of block in my current transition, Dan asked, “In any block, what breaks you loose? My answer: When I see opportunity.

What a surprise, my own answer. Yes, surprising it seemed. So surprising it was. But in no way was this deceitful. Such deceit is impossible as this answer so clearly represents essential energy in my Trueness. I will push right through a barrier when I see the opportunity on the other side. What conscious freedom!

Moving forward, when feeling the cold, uncaring hand of a self-imposed limitation, I will employ whatever method necessary to see around the block and scout the terrain (inner and outer) for opportunity.

Opportunity seen−felt and discovered−excites me into action!

I live a privileged life. It is Grace. My privilege is fully composed in the weave of relationships that have made this life and work I know. In such companionable weave I am emboldened with the courage, and subsequent strength, to see into opportunity, catch the quarry of potential, hold it into right action, and then release all into the flow.

Thank you Dan for your presence and the encouragement of my own. In this camaraderie I can continue to deepen a commitment to presence, and therefore extend reach and deepen impact.

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