Transforming Trueness (Flow)

I wrote the poem, Transforming Trueness, while in-between one writing theme and the next. Not knowing what to compose in the subsequent series I gave self-permission to repose. This quietude opened the space for his request. My friend, and artistic writer, Ric Gonzalez called and asked if I was open to do more writing together like we did when he was in Northern Ireland.

While I may not have been able in that moment to articulate a clear goal (long-term) for writing  together again, I instantly knew Providence had moved in relation to the individual and mutual commitment Ric and I have to giving ourselves in the world through our love of exposition and story.

We committed to our writing project and decided to give our attention to Transition and Transformation.

This is how being lost can be a prelude to a deeper way. Because once we admit that we’re not sure where life is taking us, then we are ripe for transformation. Then we are shapeable. −Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

What is shaped … is you−the True Self.

This brought me back to the poem:
Transitions shape us.
Shaping can be painful.
It all connects if we but let it.
In the connections, voice clears.
We become committed to here.
We walk with the art of holding.
And in the full process we become True.

Join us in this part of our journey as we write from the power of experience.


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