Through the Lens of Love


A leadership rhythm at first it may not seem
but reckoning resist and open to the stream.

Listen first from inside.
Listen next outside.
Trust fully your inner terrain
and throughout from judgment refrain.

Forgive Everything
Impossible it may sound
threatening even it may be.
Please let go and be free.

Everything Belongs
A fact difficult to grasp
not impossible to hold.
And hold you must
as you would allow a humming bird
temporarily stunned
to regain presence and consciousness increase
and from your loving palm find her release.

See the Unfolding
Free from malice
ever learning hold and release
you now watch and wonder
free to be with what is present and true
at last at home with rhythmic trueness that is you.


−J. Brunson


2 thoughts on “Through the Lens of Love

  1. As a fan of your poetry, this one intrigues me beyond its message. Its form, and dare I say “flow”, differs from your others. Differs in an appreciable way, and a way that demonstrates the breadth of your talent 🙂

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