Desire & Intent – The Singularity of Trueness


Driven down into desire,
at first lightless, intimidating,
distorted self is confronted by true self.

How did I get here?
Who is this?

Drawn out toward intent,
holding fast, releasing slow,
trueness advances through the contradiction.

I see substantiality.
I feel authenticity.

Delivered into the present,
in and through a presence,
joy amazing from depth suppressed.

I know purpose.
I sense impact.


Clearly, solidly, finally;
It’s me.

−J. Brunson

2 thoughts on “Desire & Intent – The Singularity of Trueness

  1. This is nothing short of phenomenal, Jeff! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with you just about every week for more than a year and a half. During that time, we’ve discussed Desire & Intent and it’s been a privilege to grow through your model. With this poem, you take it to a whole new level! I am truly amazed at you ability to have encapsulated you Desire, Intent, & Impact concepts so beautifully. Well done, Jeff, very well done 🙂

    • I share that pleasure Eric in all our wonderful conversations! It is my privilege to have you in my collegial support system! You are definitely a large participant in the Impact that continues to develop in my life, love, and work!!!

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