Our Inner Territory – A Source for Focus

No doubt, when one-on-one, presence is a critical ingredient in creating a meaningful and productive experience. Such presence also serves you in the company of many.

In the one-to-many and many-to-one interaction, personal presence, confident and open, is the source for focus.

Yansi is a very talented and skilled Administrative Assistant. She was asked to present a personality tool and how it may be utilized to improve personal and professional interactions and general communication.

We can all LEARN to work together; the key is understanding.

This was her focus in the presentation to the leaders.

I met Yansi one-on-one after my own facilitation experience with the collective of women of which she was a part. As we talked it became obvious something specific was on her mind; and then it appeared. She told me of this upcoming presentation and how she must go study the material. It was clear from the respect others sent her way during my workshop that Yansi was very good at what she does. So I knew the issue really on her mind was not the material, but rather her concern of standing before this group of leaders as the expert.

After telling her a brief story to which I believe she could relate, I asked one question: What is the one thing you want them to know and walk away understanding? As she answered with the statement quoted above, her eyes widened and she broke into a broad smile. My response was simply, “There you go.”

Yansi now had her focus, the source was her passion; all other “material” aligned in support of her passionate message. The impact of her focus was validated as employees began to thank her for assisting their leaders in learning about different personalities and practicing better ways of approaching and talking to them.

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