Listen Deeply – Voice

My work of the last 17 years in particular has progressively blessed me with awareness of the power of my own voice. More recently however, I’ve learned the imperativeness of constant and consistent awareness of voice.

It seems without fail that when I am blessed by an individual’s words expressing the impact of our work together, I am reminded of work where voice was in full flow. Where flow means being fully present in the collision, and consequent tension, of desire and intent; and remaining in the presence of the one to whom I offer my voice.

We must find a way to live in the continuing conversation, with all its conflicts and complexities, while staying in close touch with our own inner teacher. −Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness

My Living Methodology is the rhythm that is the flow of unique Desire & Intent. There is an energetic resonance alive in this rhythmic stream of authenticity.

Your inner teacher speaks; often very softly.

One must learn to be still to hear this teacher. The teacher speaks in tune with your distinctive resonance allowing you the opportunity to hear true self in a quiet, safe inner space.

At the core of true self is Voice.

Your impact in this world is individualized by your unique voice. Listen to it−deeply: hear it, pay attention to it, and choose accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Listen Deeply – Voice

  1. “Your inner teacher speaks; often very softly.” I like that, and I agree with that. It’s one of the primary reasons why Our Mindful Nature should be nurtured. HH the Dalai Lama says, “Meditation is something that needs to be done 24 hours of the day.” Now that would certainly help us Master Our Mind, quite Our Mind, and enable us to listen to the soft Voice of Our Inner Teacher.

    • Nurturing our mindful nature … Parker J. Palmer says something interesting that I think supports what you teach us Eric. He talks about “Graceless” … how that word describes many of our schedules. He suggests that we 1) Slow down 2) Do more with less 3) Pay attention to rhythm. I love were that process ends in paying attention to rhythm; our mindful nature!

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