Listen Deeply – A New Confidence

Should you hear a voice telling you to place all your energy externally and to forget about directing any internally, to the inner journey, ignore this voice. It is not your own.

I followed up for weeks before corralling this new coaching client into locking down our first scheduled session. In the message stream where we set the date, he thanked me for following up with him. He also stated, “Personal Development is not always at the top of my to do list. Might need some prodding to keep it there.”

A New Confidence is the result of hard work (diligence) focused inward−as the flow is from the internal to the external. This inner work is selfless (not selfish) as you make yourself better for those you lead, influence, and serve.

A New Confidence is the result of a balance of cycles. There is the cycle of your core values; there is the cycle of key strengths when you are at your best; and there is your Desire & Intent

… the cycle that forms the infrastructure of your Living Methodology.

Desire & Intent channels your energy into a creative, fertile flow alive with who you really are in the unfolding moments of impact. Listen deeply in the calm of your moment by moment impact in this world. Impact is not just an outcome. It is a consistent collision of desire and intent keeping you in our presence and us in the power of your living, loving flow.

So with my new client, I will use my living, loving flow to prod personal development to the top of his to do list.

2 thoughts on “Listen Deeply – A New Confidence

  1. Excellent reminder, Jeff! I have a saying, “I must be the best me I can be for thee.” It’s my way of reminding myself to take care of myself. You and I spend a great deal of energy in support of others. Doing so, without taking care of ourselve, would limit our impact. Here’s to the new “selfless-selfishness” 🙂

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