Listen Deeply – Desire & Intent

Consciousness and awareness employed deliver blessings from the most unexpected moments.

It may have been one of the sweetest things I have ever seen; the look in this little boy’s clear eyes.

We were on a Saturday afternoon walk when our neighbor was driving in and stopped to speak, her precious daughter and son in their safety seats in the back. We spoke to the children and the adults talked a bit. That is when Phillip spoke something to us, eyes fixed somewhere in eternity: “I miss my Grandma.”

Upon realizing the words, and seeing those eyes, our own gaze shifted to Phillip’s mom who told us of her mother-in-law’s unexpected passing.

What connection there is in this child’s life. As I am still connected to my own Grandmother after all these years, so will he be. Phillip’s Grandma is part of who he is as she lived a form of listening that flows in his very soul; and will be spoken to the world for years to come in his own profound desire.

Honor the reality of your desire; Listen!

In this deep, Grandma inspired listening, you allow the vision of intent to cooperate with desire and form a congruent method of release into this 21st Century age of consciousness and awareness.

It will not be Desire & Intent that gives Phillip purpose. It will be encoded purpose leading him in the evolution of his Desire & Intent.

Thanks to his Grandma his own Desire & Intent will unfold into his Living Methodology.

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