A Flow to Simplicity through Freedom

This is the last in a series of 7 on A Flow to Simplicity.

As I bring you this piece on Freedom, here is a summary of the prior 6:

  • Growth ~ Holding tight to the journey that is your growth and development as a real person gives you buoyancy in the flow.
  • Reach ~ Your outward reach flows from encoded purpose.
  • Clarity ~ You are encouraged in the clear depths of your uniqueness.
  • Service ~ Your broad space of service in this world flows from the powerful narrowness of original purpose.
  • Purpose ~ Purpose is original; not created as a product, but presented unconditionally−a true gift.
  • Sharing ~ Whatever you choose to do, we need your trueness.

And now … Freedom.

Freedom originates, and flows from, the inside. Like a mighty river we assume its strength consistently along its flow. But once you hike into original source you find you can simply step over it.

It would seem I’ve been chasing freedom all my days, only to discover I had freedom all along. My best friend and wife Becky, along with my friends Judy, Dan, and Eric all partnered to further open my flow to freedom; freedom that begins in the interior territory of my trueness.Imprint

Trueness is an imprint uniquely visible in our unspoiled interior.

Do you have those who help you trek the original path?

If not … Please find them!

2 thoughts on “A Flow to Simplicity through Freedom

  1. “Our Unspoiled Interior” – Now that’s a terrific phrase expressing a beautiful slice of reality, Jeff! In my work, I often refer to “Shedding Life Gunk” – shedding all of that stuff that builds up over time, slows us down, and hides the Happy-Being within. Your “Unspoiled Interior” is what’s revealed when people “Shed Life Gunk”…Thanks for capturing it so neatly 🙂

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