A Flow to Simplicity through Focus

The path of genuine sharing is along the trail of focus.

What others need most from us comes from the best of who we are; our trueness.

In my flow to simplicity I very often get in my own way−wrapped around the axle as it is said. This occurs as I fight through my work to free others from debilitating judgment while questioning myself more than is necessary or productive.

My coach guided me through an enlightening perception exercise. Her closing summary was, “You live a true life. Relax into the fact that this is so.”

The exercise included asking a select few who have known me for a significant time the following:

  1. What 3 words define me best?
  2. What are 2 things I could do better starting tomorrow?

In the gift of this feedback−the sharing of these important few−I was lovingly and specifically encouraged to hear and hold a few things.

  • It is important to hear the questions without the immediate urge to answer.
  • I am being encouraged to more boldly hold the “trueness” in the long-term value of this work I’ve created.
  • As I push hard for what I need in this work I must float into the effort of each push−Let Go.
  • It is critical at this juncture that I hear what those I serve feel over time because of my impact.

I was taken to a deep part of the flow as I absorbed−with Coach Judy’s help−the feedback. I was taken into custody with the energy cycle of my focus: Gather to Give to Grow.

A sharing methodology around which I’ve built my life.

It is now time to trust it as never before.

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