A Flow to Simplicity through Service

2012 was for me a year of transformation, an immersion in deep and comforting reality.

Allow me to expound a bit on See the Unfolding.

As is obvious through frequent reference, the writings of Richard Rohr continue to be in the flow of my evolution. In conscious diligence with his writing−and flowing encouragement−I discovered a beautiful methodology serving my own Confidence Cycle (and business model) of Gather to Give to Grow.

Think of your service in this world as I share this methodology with you. Like my confidence cycle, this methodology is expressed in the rhetorical power of 3:

  1. Forgive Everything
  2. Everything Belongs
  3. See the Unfolding

In Forgive Everything I repair the basket so what I Gather isn’t lost along the path. In Everything Belongs I embrace what the basket holds: no need to label, as labeling would impede Giving from the bounty in the basket. And only now can I See the Unfolding as I Grow and travel along with those who receive from the basket.

As the flow for me has simplified, I continue to better understand and embrace my service in the world. This service is simplified by this beautiful methodology and freed to flow in the network of relationships−the true space of service.

2 thoughts on “A Flow to Simplicity through Service

  1. I really appreciate the imagery of the basket. With it, you have brought these concepts home for me! And thank you for all you have shared from that basket with me during this past year 🙂

    • You are so welcome my Friend … and what a pleasure it has been. And oh, the gifts have flowed in both directions. Thank you for what you’ve given from who you are and what you do. Let’s keep filling the baskets!

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