A Flow to Simplicity through Clarity

As Richard Rohr said in an interview a few years back, “How you look at anything is how you look at everything.”

Consciously seeing anything as part of the unfolding is calming. It is looking at my own actions for what they are in the moment; they are part of a much larger picture−one where I may participate in the painting, but one where I do not have control.

Like those beautiful days of 35MM film photography where I participated in the art by composing and selecting settings, but the result came from a process that had to develop. I was not necessarily in control.

My own work these days is similar. I am searching in the moment for the right settings, all the while looking for the inspiring composition.

What am I seeing these days?

Am I too focused on the outcome, desiring a control that isn’t mine? In the confidence of clarity, the safety of purpose propels you forward and opens you to better see the inspiring composition. The bounty of such inspiration is discovered at the rich intersection of unique message and individual story.

Confidence and self-belief are contagious; they are not a matter of pure arrogance or overweening egotism, they are the sense of being part of a greater story others have not yet discovered and giving off an almost physical sense of invitation to join that story, that disarms and then changes potential enemies into allies.” −David Whyte in The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship (Riverhead Books 2009)

In this crazy 21st Century, there is a necessary pause in order to see what is good around us. This is to open the flow, yielding the clarity needed and desired.

Let go, compose, and see the unfolding.

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