A Flow to Simplicity through Reach

What do you need to further your reach as a leader?

In the intro entry to A Soul Dance I wrote about George and his voice/value of Clarity. In our session after that writing, George found his personal purpose statement: “I Guide Others to Put Their What before Their How.”

Simple isn’t it?

Remember, simplicity is a specifically spoken purpose. From deep inward, encoded purpose begins your reach outward.

Our garage is under our kitchen. To bring in the groceries, or unload anything, there are stairs to negotiate. I’m sometimes out-negotiated as I try to tote too much upward (by-the-way, tote is a good Southern term for carry). I am certain you can identify with this “biting off more than you can chew.”

What do you need to further your reach as a leader?DSCN0787

Could it be the answer begins with trusting encoded purpose? Purpose is the wholesome bite that can, and will, serve you in each situation.

The reach of your unique Desire & Intent is rooted in simple, guiding purpose; bringing us into your wonderful story … impacted by your brand of love as a leader.

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