A Flow to Simplicity through Growth

Failing has been exceptionally empowering to me because it has highlighted for me those things on which I must focus my energy. −Ric Gonzalez, Woo Woo Leadership

Personal growth can at times feel like a lonesome journey. It is important to embrace growth as a journey, and an unfolding process that thankfully never ends. It is only in such acceptance where we may begin to float in the flow that is simplicity.

How is simplicity important to growth?

At the core it is about clarity. There is entirely too much on which to focus our energy. We need the simplicity of clarity to guide the balance of intention and attention.

I hear it all the time in one context or another, “I wish we could return to a simpler time.” Well, I don’t know about we, but you certainly can. A more simple time does not mean a time void of technological advance, political confusion, etc. Simple is what it is, and it is applied one individual at a time−you alone have the access code.

Simplicity is a specifically spoken purpose.Simplicity

Your purpose is encoded deep within you and all efforts to grow must serve this purpose. It’s pretty darn easy, while at the same time one of the hardest things to do, to focus on your purpose.

So, what is the key to growth−and the impact of your purpose? The answer … Love. More specifically, your very unique brand of love.

Know this love. Describe this love. Hold this love close. Give it your energy−for here lies your unique impact.

5 thoughts on “A Flow to Simplicity through Growth

  1. I believe that when I’m On Purpose, life is simple…when I’m Off Purpose, life is complicated. Everytime I get feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, and the like, I am reminded to get back On Purpose. It’s like you said, it’s both pretty easy and the hardest thing…Life’s such a hoot 🙂

    • Eric, as I read your comment, you made me think of someething I keep on a task for review often; that comes from the late John O’Donohue’s book, “Beauty”:
      “Providence is another name for the kindness of God. If we could realize how wise the providence around us is, it would give us immense confidence on our journey. The irony is that we don’t need to worry. We can take a lot more risks than we realize. It is interesting to ask: what are the limits you have set for your life? Where are the lines of these limits? Why do you think you cannot go beyond them? How real are they? Did you construct these limits out of anxiety and fear? If you were to go beyond your most solidly set limits, what difference would it make in your life? What are you missing by remaining confined?

      The awakening to the beauty of your creativity can totally change the way you view limits. When you see the limit not as a confining barrier but as a threshold, you are already beyond.”

    • Jeff, that’s a terrific piece by O’Donohue. Asking ourselves his question, and considering what we might be missing by living with self-imposed restrictions is really powerful. It’s amazing how often Pogo’s wisdom pops up: We have met the enemy and he is us…

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