Step into the Middle of Impact

Living and leading from the middle does not have to be limited to a person of age. Sure, navigating the flow of years I have moved into the center of the stream. While I have waded cautiously to this stance, I am now able to cast for the bounty available from all directions.

Living dual lives takes energy, and the energy spent takes its toll. It weakens the individual, lowers their ability to succeed, and adversely affects performance. −Ric Gonzalez

In the years of working with young leaders, I am continually amazed at the ability of many to embrace, at least temporarily, the view from the middle. I say at least temporarily because if we don’t watch after them carefully, they will be pulled to one side or another. And no matter the side, the obstinate position of each is to ‘be right’ and judge this young leader into submission.

Silence is the only language spacious enough to include everything and to keep us from slipping back into dualistic judgments and divisive words. −Richard Rohr, Falling Upward

I have learned the multiple levels of power in silence; whether it is time to be quiet and rejuvenate or keep quiet and slip into the clear heights above mere divisive opinion.

Open yourself to the power of the unconditional stance.

Carefully move to your place in the creative tension of leadership.

Position yourself into the middle of your Impact.

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